Are Casement Windows the Right Choice for Your Home?

Are Casement Windows the Right Choice for Your Home?

Choosing what kind of window to put in your home can be a challenging experience. With different options offering their own set of strengths and weaknesses, it seems that whatever you choose is good enough. However, I can help you further narrow down your list of choices by making a case for casement windows.



What can casement windows offer you?

Casement windows are windows that feature moving sashes attached to the side of the frame by hinges. They can be installed individually or in pairs, and can swing in or out. The benefits of using one include:

  • Ease in operation – Double hung windows must be moved up or down in order to open or close. On the other hand, sliding windows have sashes that drag their entire as they move along a series of rails at the bottom of the frame. See something in common? Whenever you’re operating both types of windows, there’s gravity and friction making things a bit more difficult for you. On the other hand, using casement windows is a breeze. They also support one-handed operation with the crank, which makes it possible to open or close the window even when your hands are full.


  • Amazing views – One of the main purposes of your home’s windows is to provide you a good view of the outside, and casement windows excel at that. This is because they feature larger, rectangular frames that offer expansive glass areas. They’re not as big as picture windows but still do great work in letting you enjoy outdoor views from your home.
  • Lots of natural light – Thanks to their expansive glass areas, casement windows let in not just outdoor views but plenty of natural light. This makes it possible to take advantage of daylighting, which reduces dependence on artificial light to help you save on energy costs. Make sure your windows use low-emissivity (low-E) glass and you can also enjoy protection from fading and too much passive heating.
  • Ample ventilation – Most people think that larger frames automatically translate to better ventilation, but that’s not always the case. Sliding windows can be just as big (or even bigger) than casement windows, but they offer limited ventilation. This is because the best you can do is slide one of the sashes all the way to one side, and half of it will still be closed. On the other hand, casement windows can be fully opened to let in as much fresh air as possible!


To ensure you enjoy these benefits that casement windows have to offer, make sure that you get yours only from a reputable contractor. Aside from ensuring you’ll be getting a top-notch quality product, working with a window contractor you can trust will guarantee that your replacement window will be installed right. Proper installation is crucial in a replacement project because it assures you that conditions needed by a window to perform its best are met. For more on casement windows, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a contractor from your area.


Author Bio:

Sheaun Smith is currently a project manager at Renewal by Andersen of St. Louis. With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, he has helped countless homeowners make the right decisions in improving their homes. For updates from Sheaun, check out the company blog!




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