Are Your Office Interiors the Reason Behind Your Chronic Stress?

The daily hustle of a 9-5 job often takes a toll and causes chronic stress. This stress, in turn, leads to a number of physical and mental medical conditions. Many people develop heart diseases, depression, anxiety, chronic headaches, all because of constant stress. 

In order to sustain your health and productivity, it’s crucial to manage your stress levels. Did you know that besides your workload, your office interiors can also induce stress?

In this post, we’re sharing our top tips to revamp your office for a stress-free work environment. Let’s get started.

Declutter your desk

The things you surround yourself with physically have the potential of permeating your psyche. So if you are surrounded by mess, your thought process will be all over the place. 

Start by decluttering your office. Store away untidy paperwork in hidden compartments. Only keep the things you regularly use on your desk. This will improve your concentration and give you clarity.

Declutter your screen

You likely spend more time looking at your computer screen than anything else in your office. That’s why it’s imperative to organise your virtual space as well. Clear out your home screen and transfer everything in properly labelled folders. The fewer icons you have, the better it is.

Choose a neutral palette

A garish colour palette is hardly going to help you stay calm and focused. On the other hand, using just pastels is just uninspiring. 

We would suggest you pick mellow yellows and soft blues along with greys and whites. A majorly neutral palette will offer you solace in times of high stress.

Introduce greenery

Your office needs a pop of colour and the best way to do that is by introducing greenery. Peace Lilies, Succulents, Snake Plants are some easy-to-maintain indoor plant options.

To create a perfectly zen area, get a bonsai tree. Kaizen Bonsai specialises in all things bonsai and offers an extensive range of bonsai trees for sale. 

Open up windows

It has been scientifically proven that natural light helps people become happy, calmer and productive. You can boost your spirits and reduce stress simply by opening up curtains and windows. 

Create a meditation corner

Meditation is an excellent way to take a breather in a high-pressure situation and ground yourself. One of the best things about meditation is that you can do it anywhere, anytime.

It would be best to create a meditation corner in your office. Just place a comfortable chair or cushioned floor seating surrounded by an aromatic diffuser and candles. 

Add a water feature

Adding a water feature to your office can do wonders for your mood. Water features promote the feeling of calmness and relieve stress.  

Get stress toys

A stress toy is a great tool to release stress physically. Squeezing a stress ball can induce relaxation and immediately bring down your stress levels. 

Hang inspiring art

Put up art in your office that inspires you and promotes creativity. You can also include wall prints with powerful motivational messages and quotes. They will remind you to stay focused when things feel out of control. 

Get a record player

Music is an incredible way to manage stress. Whenever you’re feeling intense pressure, listen to your favourite tunes. 

Whether you’re old-fashioned or aesthetics admirer, a record player can be a great addition to your office space. There’s something quite unique and pleasing about listening to vinyl records.

Keep it minimal 

A grand chandelier might look glamorous, but is it really necessary? It’s best to keep the decor within the minimalist realm.

The Bottom Line

A functional and carefully-curated office doesn’t only enhance aesthetics but also inspires efficiency and improves motivation. We hope our tips help you create a positive workspace.


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