You must have come across some fancy glass while visiting your friend who left you in awe. A Glass with so much beauty and uniqueness; you thought they must cost a lot considering the beauty and color they bring to the home. This type of glass is called obscure glass. They can be plain, patterned, yet with low visibility. And, the privacy is afforded is almost therapeutic. No wonder you want to try them.

Things to know before using obscure glass

Even more comforting is the fact that you can choose the level of visibility of your obscure glass with usual ratings on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being the most transparent. And with a wide variety to choose from, all offering the same and even more level of privacy and transparency. However, any obscure Glass distorts items on the other side of the glass with the use of patterns and textures.

Why is it ideal for bathrooms?

 Glass Is Easy to Clean and requires low maintenance

Soapy foams and splashes can create a messy bathroom with use. Being the most important rooms in your home, anything that will make the task of cleaning your bathroom easier for you is welcomed. OBSCURE GLASS features a non-porous surface that makes it impenetrable for stains. It doesn’t corrode or rust, and even when it does get dirty, your glass is not going to be a bed of bacteria and microbes due to its surface texture. While cleaning, a cleaner and cloth will always do the job. 

Glass Is Easier to Change

What if you’re tired of your bathroom look and want to inject some creativity? It is more comfortable with OBSCURE GLASS, which is easy to replace when your taste changes. Unlike wood or other privacy screens that cost an arm or a leg to replace, the replacement of glass is relatively low.

What designs are available? 

The most common type of obscure glass is satin glass. Distinguishable from its smooth surface, satin glass is fast gaining traction. Below are some other designs of obscure glass you might not know about.

  • Patterned for distinct personality  

Comprising many styles like leaves, stars, and other shapes, patterned glass has a distinct personality, unlike regular glass, which makes it aesthetically appealing to the eyes. Patterned glass can be used to bring some color to your home. From your master bedroom to your home office, obscure glass makes your friends long for another visit.  

  • Frosted Glass for full or partial Privacy

Exotic and a reminder of your unique style, frosted glass has become a favorite for shower doors and workplace partitions to give the needed feel of class and style while providing full or partial privacy. You do not have to sacrifice your comfort for privacy anymore as with regular glass.

  • Ribbed glass for modern look 

Looking to create a modern look and feel? Ribbed obscure glass is perfect for you. Offering a modern, clean design that still allows some light to pass through while obscuring vision. With the thin ribbing, there is minimum obscurity, while thicker bands create a unique effect three-dimensionally.

Where is the obscure glass being used? 

There are no rules on where to install obscure glass in your home. You could decide to have your glass in your basement or bathroom, it can also be as your frosted window and it all depends on your preferences. However, below are the most common places to use obscure glass in your home.

  • Bathroom doors and Windows 
  • Partition windows and doors for commercial spaces where privacy is needed
  • Home windows overlooking streets 
  • Large open spaces where light and privacy are required.

Benefits of using obscure glass in small homes and apartments 

OBSCURE GLASS is an opaque looking glass that gives a restricted view of any space without necessarily affecting light emission. Sounds cool? I’m sure it does. Having obscure glass in your home improves the overall look of your home, no matter the size.

  1. Privacy 

The privacy, which obscure glass offers, is one of the main reasons why it’s a favorite for home improvement. While light passes through, visibility is at a minimum, which is an advantage when used for shower doors and windows. 

  1. Energy efficiency 

Energy efficiency is essential. Although obscure glass is translucent, it is incredibly energy-efficient, making your bathroom brighter while allowing little heat to penetrate through. Even in winter, obscure glass keeps out the cold, thereby resulting in lower energy bills. Furthermore, the extra-bit reflection of light makes your further energy savings because you just need to use a mild source of light to illuminate the room.

  1. Innovative designs

Having regular glass in your home can be tiring, especially when you are trying out new styles and designs. Obscure glass offers a variety of sophisticated designs and patterns that will transform any space, including yours. While obscure glass does not provide the same thermal insulation and noise reduction as insulated Glass, Obscure Glass can be used with insulated glass to give any needed effect. 

  1. Glass Creates an Airy Ambience

Obscure glass offers a naturally reflective surface that works with natural light to give an airy ambiance. While light from windows is typically reflected in your home, obscured glass diffuses light, so you don’t get a glare. 

  1. Superior look and style

Looking at it from a purely aesthetic point, the obscure glass looks better. Oozing a more superior style and class, these glass provides a more decorative and aesthetic appeal. If you ever decide to change the look and feel of your home, obscure glass is the way to go. 

  1. Protecting Your Furniture

When used for windows and doors, OBSCURE GLASS can prolong the service life of your furniture. Over-exposure to UV rays can cause significant damage to your furniture and home appliances. Slowly but surely, your fabrics, woods, and furnishings will be damaged. Keeping your furnishings and appliances intact and modern will require the installation of obscure glass windows and doors.

The clarity of the glass is beautiful to behold. With glass, you have to keep the glass surface clean and free of dirt that could reduce its aesthetics. However, if you’re looking for a privacy solution that still allows light to penetrate, then the OBSCURE GLASS will be your best bet. Great for interior glasses, the different colors and designs offer you a flexibility that a regular glass lacks.


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