Area Rug Style Spotlight: Aztec Rugs

It’s common knowledge that an area rug can make or break a room. When designing a space, it’s important to choose your rug wisely. You may be tempted to buy a beige carpet and call it a day. The carpet will go with anything, and you can easily forget it’s there. Or you can find something bold, durable, and timeless like an Aztec rug. The history of Aztec rugs dates back to 1430 A.D., and with its enduring aesthetic appeal, it may be the answer to your area rug woes.

An Aztec rug is great in its versatility. Whether you are looking to furnish a home, or just want to spruce up your living room, an Aztec rug will always be a great go-to. The Aztec art and style are notable for powerful design, tribal patterns that are timeless, and bold colors. An Aztec rug can be easily styled with equally strong design choices or put on display against modest decor. Either way, it offers a beginning that is rich in design possibilities.  Read on to learn how and why you should add Aztec rugs to your home décor.

Build Your Room Around a Bold Feature

An Aztec rug is a solid foundation for the home’s decor. When many homeowners decorate (or redecorate) a room, they can be at a loss. There is nothing more daunting than the blank slate of an empty room. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by design possibilities and to not know where to begin. By beginning with a bold print, such as an Aztec rug, some of the pressure is taken off.

This is due to the fact that many designs are built around one cohesive idea. This idea could be a color scheme, a piece of furniture, a pattern, etc. By using an Aztec rug as your jumping off point, you are relieving some of the stress of designing a room. Equipped with bold patterns and lively colors, the rug will hold the key elements that you want to incorporate in your room. From there, you can get your color scheme, a secondary color to paint the walls, even ideas for throw pillows. The bold style of the rug will allow you to be truly creative with your design. You can either pair it with complementary tones, or you can let the rug shine by pairing it with muted colors. Regardless, by choosing an Aztec rug, you are creating cohesion from the ground up.

…Or Use it As a Final Feature

A beautiful Aztec rug is not only great for beginning designs. It can also be incorporated later in the design process as well. These rugs are especially versatile in pre-furnished spaces. Maybe you’re a college student who wants to add some variety to your dorm. Or maybe you’re renting an apartment and are not a fan of the drab furniture that your landlord provided. Maybe you’re just a homeowner looking to update your space.

Regardless, if you’re looking to customize your living space, an Aztec rug is for you. For its size, this accent piece has tons of personality. With its vibrant colors and pleasing pattern, an Aztec inspired rug can enliven any space. It adds a pop of color to dull, pre-furnished spaces. It can revitalize an old design by bringing a finishing touch of cohesion.   

Aztec rugs can be the foundation or finishing touch of a personal, vibrant space. Its versatility and timelessness make them perfect for every step of the design process.


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