Astrology, Heirlooms, and Faith: Emotional Jewellery Is Taking Centre Stage in 2022

For thousands of years, jewellery has been made and cherished for its beauty.

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Whether it’s silver or gold, wearers have chosen specific jewellery to compliment fashion senses and elevate skin tones. Over time, too, an emotional connection between the wearer and the jewellery has also been formed.

Emotional jewellery is once again beginning to take centre stage in 2022. Whether it’s astrology, heirlooms or one’s own faith, jewellery is being worn by more and more people wanting to find ways to represent their inherent beliefs and passions. 

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In this way, jewellery has the ability to mirror the wearer. It has become more than simply finding jewellery that looks beautiful and elevates appearance. Instead, jewellery is an emotional echo. A piece of the mindset and spirit which can be worn on the outside of the body. 

Faith Continues To Be Symbolised

Symbols have long been used to represent faith in a simple and effective way. These are worn by followers to express their beliefs and keep the values which are important to them close to their hearts. 

Take the Star of David, for instance. This is a piece of Jewish jewellery which is worn by a large number of the community. Doing this can help them be reminded of their obligations and virtues, whilst also keeping them emotionally connected to the past of their religion and the lessons it can teach us in the present.

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Jewellery Shows People Who They Are

For people who believe in astrology and star signs, jewellery is often used to show others and themselves who they are. Whether it’s the symbol of water for an Aquarius or a bull for a Taurus, wearing your star sign has become an emotional way to feel more in tune with yourself and your personality. More broadly, this is known as horoscope fashion

There is a whole field to investigate when it comes to astrology, but each and every aspect can be symbolised with just a single piece of jewellery. Often, these symbols are worn on specific parts of the body, where the chakra (the spiritual power of the human body) releases its own spiritual energy. For wearers, many believe this gives them a psychic and emotional connection to the universe, which in turn helps them to remain positive and calm amongst their inner turmoil.

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Jewellery Can Have Deep Familial Connections

When it comes to familial connections, there is strong emotional energy to jewellery which has been passed down the line of a family. Engagement rings, for instance, are often given by a parent to their offspring when they are ready to ask for their partner’s hand in marriage. This gives the jewellery a deeper emotional context that it wouldn’t have had otherwise. Instead of owning jewellery based solely on its beauty, the wearer is instead being passed something which has a heavy emotional connection to the entire family.

In the same way, jewellery is also passed down through generations. Once the original owner has passed away, the jewellery itself is often given to someone who was close to them. This allows wearers to continue to feel close to their deceased loved ones. They are now not only wearing something that is beautiful, but also a physical memory of a person who meant so much to them.


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