Australia’s Best Designed Hotels

Australia has remarkably beautiful landscapes, making it a top destination for any lover of wildlife. With tourists coming into the country to experience the beauty of nature, top Aussie hotels have evolved gorgeous designs to give their visitors the aesthetic experience of a lifetime. Whether they are simple designs that seek to maximize the beauty of their surroundings or more stylized approaches, Australian hotels have it all.

Longitude 131º

Longitude 131º’s design is that of tents ‘gathered as if around a campfire’. The hotel only consists of 15 uber-luxurious tents that allow the guest to lie and admire two World Heritage wonders from their bed: Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). The wonderful landscape of Australia is highlighted as the main element of the architecture and design in every location, in the bedrooms or in the restaurant and bar. The simple, open designs direct your attention towards the only thing you should be looking at: some of the most incredible landscapes in the world. 

The Byron at Byron

The Byron at Byron is a beautiful resort in the middle of a rainforest outside of Byron Bay. It was refurbished in 2018 by its owner at the time: Gerry Harvey, the billionaire who owns one of Australia’s best racehorse auction companies: if you’ve ever bet on the Autumn Racing Carnival, you’ve probably watched a horse sold by Gerry. He commissioned Luchetti Krelle to design the modern resort, which features a copper island bar and a hotel littered with antiques, Julian Meagher paintings, and Italian furniture. The design works to give the hotel a secluded and peaceful feel, allowing guests to feel protected by the rainforest around them. 

Silky Oaks Lodge 

Silky Oaks Lodge is stationed in the Daintree rainforest, allowing guests to journey into the tropics and reside in luxury treehouses. These treehouses are simply designed, but with contemporary furnishings and local timbers, to encourage guests to immerse themselves in their surroundings from the comfort of their hotel rooms. It’s being refurbished currently, but its new lodge looks very modern while being open to the rainforest. It has a beautiful healing waters spa that allows guests to gaze into the jungle as they receive a massage. Silky Oaks combines the best of rustic design with a simplicity that works terrifically. 

Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island

Capella lodge gives guests panoramic views over Lord Howe Island, the Pacific Ocean, and the world’s southern-most coral reef right from its pool. The lodge is right above Lord Howe Island’s secret beach (called Lover’s Bay), between two mountains – Gower and Lidgbird. The lodge takes a simple, contemporary design that seeks to maximize views of the mountains, sea, and a nearby lagoon.

Rooms are spacious and allow light to cascade in over their timber floors, custom furniture, and marine ply joinery. Each room has a different design but feature a rustic outdoor deck with hot tubs that allow guests to lose themselves in the surrounding mountains. The Capella Lodge is another hotel that wants to direct your eyes outside instead of at its interior.


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