Awesome Google Offices Designs Around the World

Google company. Have anyone heard about it? We guess the response to this question would be: are you joking? Well, we think that every person spoke at least once about it, not to mention the fact that “google” is probably the most pronounced word in the world. So, they need no introduction, the facts speak for themselves. Google is the largest online companies in the world, being the world’s best-known brands with a tremendous success. It provides business solutions for major corporations around the globe and supports everyone who uses its products. Google’s work culture is certainly one of the most inspiring and exciting, that’s why we decided today to round up some of their awesome office spaces from across the world that will absolutly amaze you. Embracing the idea of a creative work environment that helps inspire innovation and stimulate minds, todays Google’s offices have nothing to do with typically cubicle farms. Their unconventional workplaces with ingenious designs makes you forget about any office that you have seen before. The offices features  creative and unique designs, being in most a combination of working space and relaxing one. The friendly work environment is infused with bright and playful colors, and modern and original furnishings in almost every space from meetings and conversations areas to relaxation and recreation areas such as: libraries, caféterias, game rooms, massage rooms, etc. Looking to these photos below, you’ll never believe that such great designs complement an work space, but at Google this is possible. What do you think about working atmosphere in their offices? Do you like it? I bet you do.

1. Google Office in Dublin, Ireland


2. Google Office in Zurich, Switzerland


3.  Google Office in Moscow, Russia


4. Google Office in Sidney, Australia


5. Google Office in Wroclaw, Poland


6. Google Office in Munich, Germany


7. Google Office in Montreal, Canada


7. Google Office in Seoul, Korea








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