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Basic Ways To Liven Up Your Basement

Renovating your basement to add extra living space to your home is a great way to increase its functionality and your property value. A clean, dry basement can be adapted for many uses, especially when you fix it up and decorate the usable areas for fun or productive activities.

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Repairs and Renovation

Thoroughly inspect the basement to check for problems that should be addressed first. A crumbling foundation, damp walls, or uneven floor can be repaired to provide a solid and secure foundation for the remodeling of your basement. Whether you plan to set up a computer room or a woodworking shop, handle the basic renovation steps before adding style and functional elements.

  • Waterproofing and Insulation

Even if everything is currently in good order, this is a good time to have the basement waterproofed to protect against future damage. You can probably do the job yourself or hire experts to do it for you. It shouldn’t take long or cost much to provided this added protection against water leaks and moisture accumulations, which can lead to mold that can cause health problems. Insulating the basement walls with soundproof material is another option if your teenager plans to have band rehearsals there or you have preschoolers with noisy toys. It could also insulate the basement from the upper level noisy distractions for those who want to relax and read or watch television downstairs. Have the electricity box checked to ensure it is up to code with adequate power available for additional basement appliances if desired.

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  • Enlarge Your Old Basement Window and Add a Door

If your current basement windows are small, consider enlarging them to let in more sunlight and fresh air. This will make the space even more cozy and usable for various purposes. To further improve air quality, install a dehumidifier and perhaps hang charcoal bags to eliminate lingering odors. Depending on the grade of your basement level, you might be able to add a door as a secondary entrance to the yard or outside in general. This will be helpful if you have a pet that wants to go outside while spending time with family members in the renovated basement.

Choose Your Style

After completing the basic conditioning and updates to the basement, decide which decorating style you would like to use. It could be one that works with the rest of your home’s décor, or you might prefer something completely different to create a getaway or escapist area.

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  • Classic-Modern

This style lets you incorporate traditional decorative styles and furnishings that are easy to find and maintain. It also tends to blend with the upstairs home style for a seamless flow of continuity. But you can also update some of the classic furniture pieces for a slightly more modern or contemporary feel to the renovated areas, depending on how you plan to use the renovated space. Your color pallet for decorating the room might include neutral tones to brighten and open the area with a few splashes of color as accents. Track lighting or wall sconces fit well with this theme.

  • Minimalist

When using the basement for physical activities like exercise, dance routines, cheerleading practice, or children’s gymnastics, keep the area open and spacious for convenient movement. Paint the walls in bright colors or patterns that can excite the users and promote energetic activities. Recessed lighting, simple furniture like a few chairs or a ping pong table, and a seating bench might be adequate.

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  • Playful Design

For kids’ use, the basement can be more inviting with a playful design that includes colorful painted walls with patterns or fun shapes and images like unicorns or flowers. Some adults enjoy this decorative style as well. Some fun decorations like wall art or colored lightbulbs with a fringe curtain to separate rooms or sections can add personality and mood to brighten your basement.

  • Themed Designs

You can choose a theme that you particularly enjoy to make the updated basement a relaxing or stimulating place. Bohemian décor can add a distinctive mood for fans of that style. You might also prefer a rustic ranch vibe or a beach theme with tropical decorative elements like a faux palm tree and coconuts stacked in a wooden dish.

Bring your fantasy to life in the depths of your home while enjoying your lively new basement!


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