Benefits of Container Tracking and How You Can Take Advantage of It

A large number of liners are involved in the freight business, and by the end of the 20th century, the number increased further to cater to the demands of the massive cargo transportation rate.

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So, the industry needed a tracking system to track the whereabouts of their goods. Thus, came into existence the global positioning system or better known to us as GPS. The introduction of the GPS made tracking the location of a shipping container very easy. Both the company that has sent their goods to be shipped and the shipper who has undertaken the assignment to get them shipped to their destination reaped the benefits of the system. 

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Why introduction of such a tracking system was necessary  

Container tracking became crucial for the freight business because there’s a lot of uncertainty involved in the shipping process. The producer of goods who intends to get their products transported elsewhere fills up the container, locks it, and hands it over to the shipper. The hauler then takes them to a port and loads them onto a ship. After reaching the destination place, the goods are unloaded and delivered to the concerned party. It may sound simple, but this is a very complex process, and any issue may arise at any point in time. With the introduction of GPS, every sector involved in the business has been benefitted.

  • The company that wants their merchandise to be shipped gets to know whether the delivery will be on time or will be delayed. If it gets delayed, then it may be a major cause of disruption in their supply chain. Tracking systems like Maersk container tracking helps them to know beforehand whether such a situation is going to arise or not. Accordingly, they can take action to minimize the anticipated disorder. 
  • The hauler or the shipper needs to have access to a container tracking system because they have undertaken the task to ship the goods safely. If they cannot do it successfully, they will be liable if anything untoward happens.
  • Sometimes, an intermediator works between the shipper and the company that wants to ship their goods. A sound tracking system enables these logistics providers to coordinate the process without any hazards. 
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Benefits of container tracking

  • Impact on ROI (Return on Investment)

Be it for the company that intends to ship their goods across borders or for the shipper, it’s important to know what the return on investment would be if the shipping process gets affected by the different uncertainties related to the procedure. It is essential for companies nowadays to have access to a trusted route planning app for delivery drivers to help minimize their financial losses. 

  • Prevents additional operation costs

When problems arise for the party who intends to ship its items in transporting them, it can impact their operational cost to a great extent. The GPS can provide the concerned party with a “heads up” regarding a lost or delayed shipment, which can, in turn, prevent the additional operational cost. 

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  • Preventing the theft of items

If the goods get stolen, the hauler would be held responsible for such an act. So, using container tracking becomes vital for the shippers. Else their business is likely to suffer a great deal, and their reputation will be at stake. 


To keep the shipped goods safe and secured, using a container tracking system has become a necessity for any party related to this business.


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