Best Advice on How to Find a Reliable Electrician for Renovation

Whether you’re renovating your home or business premises, you know how demanding and exhausting the work can get.

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One thing that you have to pay special attention to are the electrics. No matter how skilled you are when it comes to handywork, electrical repairs aren’t something you should even try to do on your own. A licensed electrician won’t just do the job properly, but many countries’ laws require you to hire one instead of taking on the work yourself. But, how do you choose a trustworthy electrician? Here are some things to consider before hiring a professional to handle your electrical work.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay


In most countries, it’s necessary for an electrician to obtain a license in order to work legally. This is important for you to know, as you’ll surely want to know if the person you’re hiring is licensed or not. For instance, you aren’t allowed to do most electrical work in Australia unless you hold a license, meaning that you’ll be breaking the law if you replace a light switch or install a ceiling fan on your own. Electricians usually have to work under supervision with a provisional license for at least a year, before they’re allowed to complete the next level of training and receive their certificate. It’s only then that they can actually work legally without being supervised. Knowing that your electrician holds such a certificate gives you a guarantee that they’re skilled, that they know what they’re doing and that you’ll be safe in your home or office after they’ve done their work. In case an electrician can’t prove that they’re licensed, you should under no circumstances allow them to do any of the necessary electrical work on your property.

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When you’re looking for an experienced electrician near you, the first thing you should do is talk to your family, friends and colleagues, as they might have had some electrical repairs done in their homes recently and can recommend somebody that they’ve had a positive encounter with. When you’re asking for advice from somebody you trust, you’re bound to get information that’s solid, so that you don’t end up with an unskilled electrician. Also, don’t forget that electricians have to go through an apprentice program before they’re licensed, meaning that it’s possible for you to get recommendations for an electrician from the company they apprenticed for. Calling such companies or visiting their website might do the trick. The first-hand knowledge of an electrician’s competence can benefit you greatly and can help you make up your mind about who you want to handle the electrics when you’re renovating.

Online Reviews

In case nobody you personally know has dealt with an electrician, or they can’t recommend one, you can simply go online and look for a contractor who can perform the work you need done. Luckily, today there are reviews for most companies and individuals listed on the internet. There are actually websites where reputable and qualified electricians are classified and where other clients have graded their work and even written about their particular experience with an electrician. You’ll learn about how professional the electrician was, if they were punctual with showing up and finishing the work in time, what their attitude was towards their clients and if there have been any problems after they left. And while an electrician’s online reputation is something you should take with a slight dose of skepticism, if you see that an electrician has had various complaints or that people have written negative comments about them, simply skip them and find somebody else.

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Even though your priority should be safety and reliability, it’s also understandable that you want to get the most for your money. This is another reason for you not to rush when making a decision on who to hire, as going through some websites and calling a few contractors can make a huge difference in how much you spend. Just like in any other business, not all electricians charge the same for their work, and finding one that’s affordable shouldn’t be difficult if you have enough patience to do some research. Again, it’s crucial not to let the price be the main criterion for picking an electrician, as sometimes a lower rate can mean inadequate workmanship. That can actually cost you much more than you expect, since you may end up having to hire another electrician to fix what the first one messed up. The best you can do is ask for a number of quotes from various companies, so that you can compare their offers, which doesn’t just include their prices, but also their electricians’ qualifications and recommendations. Only when you know all you need to know should you hire who you feel would be the best option for you.

Who does the electrical work on your property is your choice alone, so follow the precious advice above and find an esteemed and qualified electrician, as only that way you’ll know that you’ll get a premium service for your investment.


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