Best Crypto Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing has become a popular way to make passive income. There are plenty of professional marketers around the globe focusing on promoting other products and services, earning commission for every new customer they bring.

With the rise of the crypto industry, crypto affiliate programs were inevitable.

So, there’s only one thing that followed:

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Many businesses that offer services related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain started competing for their share of the market by giving their affiliate partners an opportunity to market them.Before we discuss what makes the best crypto affiliate programs and how to find your niche, let’s see how affiliate marketing works in the crypto space.

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How Crypto Affiliate Programs Work

Many online crypto businesses use affiliate marketing to promote themselves. They have special pages you can visit to learn more about their respective programs and how much money you could earn from that.

Let’s take an online cryptocurrency exchange for example.

People visit these exchanges to buy BTC and other cryptos using fiat money or to exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Whenever they make an exchange, the platform charges a small fee. It’s actually the main business model used by these platforms.

One transaction may seem insignificant, but what about thousands upon thousands of traders making tens of thousands on exchanges every single day?

Here’s what you need to know:

Crypto exchanges share a small percentage of their cut with their affiliate partners. Therefore, the more users you bring to the platform and the more they trade, the more you’ll earn.

It’s a fantastic way to make passive income. If you’re able to pull it off, that is.

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What Crypto Affiliate Niches Are There?

We’re going to focus on services that are focusing on cryptos. In most cases, these are:

  • Crypto exchanges
  • Crypto wallets

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We’ve already discussed what crypto exchanges are, and how they work, but what about their affiliate programs?

There are several things you need to take into account when deciding whether the program is good for you or not:

  • How much money do you get paid per transaction by your referrals? This refers to the percentage of the money you get from the fee that is charged to your referrals after they make a transaction.
  • How long does the program last? Some online cryptocurrency exchanges offer programs that last only a couple of months, meaning you cannot receive your cut forever. However, many platforms don’t have limits of this kind.
  • What the minimum payout amount is? It is how much money you need to earn from your referrals to be able to withdraw them. This should be a reasonable limit, and definitely not the amount that’s difficult to get to as a new affiliate partner.
  • How often can you get paid? Some exchanges pay you monthly, others do it weekly. Many offer payments on a daily basis. Preferably, you should settle for the ones that do it more often.
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Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets store your cryptos. They can come in two main formats — software and hardware wallets.

Software wallets let you store cryptos in a program that’s designed for your desktop or mobile devices, whereas hardware wallets are physical devices that store digital currencies.

Some hardware wallets pay commissions to their affiliate partners! The two most popular ones are .

Although not as popular as crypto exchanges’ affiliate programs, the wallets’ ones are definitely something to think about.

Other Affiliate Businesses That Pay in Crypto

Crypto exchanges and wallets are the two types of businesses that are all about cryptocurrencies. However, there are some niches that aren’t focused on cryptos as much, yet still offer payments in cryptocurrencies to their affiliate partners.

Online Casinos

There’s one very popular niche that’s not really about cryptocurrencies but is slowly becoming focused on this new type of payment method — online gambling. There are casinos nowadays accepting deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, online gambling affiliate marketing is one of the most developed affiliate schemes, with many 

Retail Storefronts

Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose. There are plenty of digital storefronts out there that offer payments in cryptos, and some pay pretty good commission to their partners.

However, this article mainly focuses on pure crypto businesses, which is why we’re going to switch our focus back to crypto exchanges.

One exchange, to be precise.

Why Join the Affiliate Program

If there’s one exchange that offers great affiliate programs, that’s definitely This is a decentralized platform that offers quick, easy, and anonymous crypto exchanges at competitive rates.

Here’s what you can get as an affiliate partner to

  • Instant 0.005 BTC bonus every time a new user joins the platform via your referral link;
  • 0.6% of every transaction fee that is charged to your referrals;
  • Great dashboard where you can control your referrals and manage your profile and finances;
  • The opportunity to withdraw your earnings anytime you like/.

Conclusion: Which Referral Program Is Best For You?

If you’re new to the world of affiliate crypto marketing, we suggest you start with to learn the basics and create the backbone for your passive income. However, don’t be afraid to explore other options once you gain enough experience!

That way, you’ll be able to create several different streams of income from different crypto affiliate programs.The more, the merrier — that’s definitely one of the rules that can be applied here. Still, make sure to read more about affiliate marketing strategies and how to pull them off in the crypto world to get the best possible result.


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