Best Driveway Material for Cold Weather

For most people, driveway construction comes as an afterthought, when the construction of the building is completed, and that leads to poor selection of driveway types. Your driveway is the first section most people will notice when they come to your home or office.

As such, it should be well constructed and design to give the rest of the property the curb appeal it deserves. Choosing the best driveway contractors will ensure your driveway gets the same attention as the rest of the property. You’ll avoid a lot of problems and will choose the most resilient driveway materials for the job. Some of the materials you may consider for cold weather include:


Concrete is one of the most versatile materials, and that makes it great for various driveway types. It can be mixed and installed in different ways to get different results, which makes it a great choice if you’re looking for uniqueness.

  • You could choose to install poured concrete that requires minimal maintenance.
  • Another option is the stamped concrete, which is more customizable and stylish. You can have different stamp designs to get different driveway types. The imprint you choose will depend on your imagination and the creativity of the driveway contractors you hire.
  • Stained concrete is also similar to stamped concrete as it gives you multiple design options to work with.
  • Another great alternative is pervious concrete. It doesn’t contain any sand in the mixture, which makes it very porous. The rustic design of this concrete gives it a unique appeal, whereas it’s porosity makes it a great choice when the snow starts to melt.

Even though the ability of concrete to expand and contract makes it ideal for snowy weather, it is a more expensive driveway option. Both the material and installation costs are higher than other driveway types. You’ll still get a durable driveway that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance to remain on good condition.


Asphalt is also durable, but a little cheaper than concrete and that is why most driveway contractors like it. It is one of the most flexible materials in the market. As such, it works perfectly in conditions that experience extreme weather changes. You won’t have to worry about snow during winter or 88extreme sun and heat during summer88, unlike concrete that may crack when under such pressure, asphalt will remain whole under any weather condition, especially when you choose porous asphalt.

With asphalt, you won’t have to worry about salting your driveway as well because it isn’t affected by salt. It is also cheaper, but it is harder to install, and that could lead to higher installation costs.

Paving stones

Paving stones are the most expensive materials for driveways, but they can withstand snow. Most driveway contractors charge higher installation costs because the stones are hard to work with. However, paving stones are also the most flexible option as they can move with the earth. Their ability to contract and expand easily means they won’t crack or break during winter. Working with these stones also leaves room for multiple design options and more aesthetic appeal.

The best way to ensure your driveway remains strong during any weather is by hiring reputable and reliable driveway contractors. Look for a contractor that values client satisfaction more than money, and you’ll have the best results.


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