Best Free and Paid Blog Promotion Platforms in 2022

Digital marketing is evolving with each passing day.

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More and more people are driven to it due to many benefits such as low cost, flexibility, and ease. Brands, startups, affiliate marketers, and drop shippers are all utilizing the power of blogging and website.

With greater reach and targeted traffic, blogs are the major driver for any product/service to grow. Especially, when it comes to startup products and services, none can beat it. However, it is not as easy as it seems to be. If you think that after launching your blog you will be able to drive millions of traffic from the next day is a myth. You have to consistently and patiently work on it to drive traffic. 

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No blog or website owner can handle the stuff without stable internet. If you are just starting out, make sure to invest in a good internet connection. With an unlimited data cap and no contractual obligations, Spectrum offers you great plans and download speed. Just when you face any glitch while browsing, contact customer support by dialing telefono de spectrum

How to drive traffic to your blog after launching it without paying a dime? Here are some of the best platforms for free blog promotions. 

Quuu Promote 

If you want to drive traffic to your blog, Quuu Promote is going to be an effective tool for content promotion. No matter what you want to share with your target audience, Quuu Promote allows you to share content pieces on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn. All you need to do is load your content on Quuu Promote and the rest will be handled by the tool by sharing it with people in your niche. For instance, if you want to promote anything about emerging technologies, the tool will share content on real accounts related to emerging technology. 


Social media platforms are a haven for bloggers and webmasters looking for attention from the target audience. If you want to reach the target audience while driving traffic to your website, make sure to use Pinterest from day one. There are around 250 million active users on Pinterest and imagine if only 2% of them show interest in your blog, how much traffic would it be able to drive. 

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Build a community, promote your blog, and share the latest offers on the Pinterest board. However, before promoting anything on Pinterest, make sure to have a strong grip on it which will not require more than 2 hours of your time. 


Driving traffic is not all about promoting your blog on the right platforms, but also depends on what you write. Make sure to keep an eye on what people are normally asking in your niche and answer them in your new blog post. For this, you can use Quora to help you analyze what people are interested in. 

It is a free tool where millions of people ask questions and influencers share their answers. If you have covered all that’s being asked by people in your blog, there are chances of driving huge traffic to your blog by answering and sharing your link in the answer. 


Even a kid knows what YouTube is all about and we are not going to cover what it is. All we are going to inform you is that YouTube is a great platform that offers you to freely upload your videos and share them with your audience. Place your link in the description and once you can generate views, there are chances of getting more traffic to it. 

If you are not aware of how to make YouTube videos, you can search for free and paid tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud Express, Biteable, and PowerPoint. 

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Pocket is being widely used by bloggers and webmasters to make their presence visible. It is a bookmarking site where you can save stories, blogs, and videos from any website or blog. If a reader is interested I what you share, he/she might save it to their list for further reading. Pocket allows you to share everything with people by adding a button to your blog. 

Summing Up

The success and the failure of any website or blog are the traffic it drives. Use the aforementioned free and paid platforms to drive more traffic to your blog.


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