Best Furniture Stores In Los Angeles: finding the best store in LA for you

One of the world’s best things is finding something you want for less money than it was supposed to be.  Even better is when it is top-notch and then stylish too!

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Top furniture deals are not the easiest thing to come across, especially when there are way too many options flooded your way!  Things become trickier when in Los Angeles, but the tips below are there to help you find the best furniture stores in Los Angeles.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Searching LA

You need to know what kind of furniture you want and how it will best fit your needs.  You need to know why you need it and how to use it.  Ask yourself five questions:

  • How much are you willing to spend? For example, the average cost of a sofa is $1000 or less.  If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can expect better quality and better-looking furniture.  If you want to stay on the cheaper side, don’t worry, you can still get something that is functional and nice (it’ll just take a little more time searching for it).
  • How often do you move?  Moving always runs the risk of damaging your furniture.  If you’re planning to move within the next five years, it would be best to look for something cheaper with less emphasis on quality and nicety.
  • Are you into the latest style?  Both your options and your chances of finding quality furniture for less diminishes if you’re into the latest trends.  Trendy furniture will tend to be more expensive.
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  • Do you have kids or pets?  If your furniture has a chance of being destroyed by mini people or bouncy balls of fluff, depending on what the furniture is for, it’s best to keep it on the cheaper side.
  • How often will you use it?  If you are using it daily, you’ll be happy that you put more money into it.  For instance, if you’re sitting on the couch or at the dining table every day, you would want something comfortable and sturdy.  If it is purely for style and show, don’t worry about the quality so much!

Best LA Furniture Store for you

Depending on your answers to the questions above, the lists below will help you find the best furniture stores in LA that fit your needs.

Best Quality Furniture Stores In Los Angeles

If you seek quality functional furniture over anything else and not too worried about the expense, Barn Furniture is your best bet.  For a more comfortable feel, Bob’s Discount Furniture has a wide selection.

Best Cheap Furniture Stores In Los Angeles

If you are looking for something cheap yet sustainable, there are stores like LA Discount Furniture or Melrose Discount Furniture with various options to choose from.

Best Stylish Furniture Stores In Los Angeles

If you are into trends, you will probably be looking for the best vintage furniture stores in LA or the best contemporary furniture stores.  For those looking for a more modern look, LA Furniture or Sitting Pretty is a great place to shop.

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Other stores in Los Angeles

If all else fails and you still can’t find the kind of furniture you want, there’s a chance this charity could have it.  It never hurts to look, even if you think you won’t find anything!

It’s true what they say: “one person’s trash becomes another person’s treasure.”

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