Best home renovation ideas for 2021

Sometime during the past year, the relationship we had with our living area has changed. Now, moving into 2021 it is time for a re-evaluation of how we can live in the available space.

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2020 has taught every one of us one thing and that is, the future might be uncertain yet. But, there is one thing you must be sure about and that is, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to last for several years to come. There are two things you need to consider regarding home renovation going into 2021. What do you need at the moment and what investments would you like to make? Here are some considerations.

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1. Develop a workstation at home

At the moment several people are working remotely without knowing how long they have to keep working that way. Therefore having a home office or a designated workstation might become indispensable like a bathroom or a kitchen. The home office has become a necessity even with the different businesses and offices opening. Several businesses have made a conscious shift away from office work to a remote work hybrid model. They just require the employees to visit the office a few days of the week. But, sometimes your home may not have sufficient space to build a home office. In such cases, you may consider having sliding closet doors and turning the closet within the guest room into a workstation.

2. Paint

If you do not have any plans of staying at the current residence for more than 5 years, it is recommended that you apply a fresh coat of paint for upgrading the space. Paints are temporary and it also provides an opportunity to provide a personal feel to the home without harming the resale value of the place. It is a budget way of making a big impact. Some brands offer deep saturated and highly pigmented colors that take this to another level. Use lighter colors because they brighten up the room and make it feel larger and full of light. The darker colors allow you to make the space feel cozy.

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3. Update the kitchen

Kitchens have been responsible for selling houses and apartments for a while. However, the coronavirus pandemic has placed more significance on the room. Now, you need a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. The potential buyers will not only look for appearance but they will take into account the functionality as well. Considerations such as storing an excess supply of food and the capability of the kitchen to make several meals in a day will be taken into account. While renovating the kitchen you may add a pantry as well. The storage capability of a kitchen is of paramount importance because everyone wants the kitchen to be able to store additional food these days.

4. Bathrooms

2020 brought in the need to shelter within a place and it also heightened the need for having a clean bathroom and home in general. Hygiene is one of the top considerations especially in the case of high-traffic places such as bathrooms. You need to opt for interiors in the bathrooms that give priority to easy-to-clean surfaces and other antimicrobial fixtures. You will find that most of the 2021 bathroom trends will include this without sacrificing the styling of the bathrooms. You should also fix the instruments working from within the bathroom and carry out the water heater repair for instance. Do not neglect the damage as a result of faulty instruments.

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5. Spruce up the outdoor space

It doesn’t matter where you are living, keep in mind that space has become a lot more valuable because of coronavirus. Many times the balconies, backyards, and terraces used by people paled in comparison with the rest of the homes. But, times have changed and the outdoor space is more valuable. Therefore maximizing the appearance and usability of this space is a great way of adding value to the house. If you are looking to sell the house in the near future your real estate agent may ask you to add rain covers and heating to the outer space. Outdoor kitchens may become smart investments. A lot of buyers will value outer space more in the upcoming years due to the freedom they provide from being locked-in.


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