Best Patio Doors for your home

Decks, Balconies, and Patios are amazing places in your home to spend time outdoors.

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Patio doors enhance the look of your house to a great extent and are a good source of air and light. Proper and elegant patio doors with sturdy materials keep away pests and other elements from your home.

However, these doors usually come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. There are two types of patio doors, hinged and unhinged, that fit as per the space in your home.

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Hinged patio doors are also called French doors. On the contrary, unhinged sliding patio doors made of ergonomic doors like fiber, aluminum, and steel are durable and lightweight.

So, when selecting patio doors, many factors such as their types, efficiency, safety, durability, and looks must be considered. Hence, you can easily shortlist your patio door from Mikita Door & Window – they can recommend the best door based on your requirement.

Why choose the best Patio door for your house?

Patio doors allow you to connect the indoors with the outdoor landscape, giving easy access to your home’s exterior. It also adds an extra appeal to your house.

Besides, its energy-efficient system regulates the indoor temperature, keeping you warm during winters and cool on hot days. These doors also help you keep your utility bills down.

Some patio doors come with safety locking mechanisms that provide utmost security and peace of mind. Also, these doors are perfect for barbeque parties and get-togethers on your deck.

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There are many manufacturers out there who offer a variety of patio doors matching your style and budget. So, here we have enlisted the 6 best patio doors that you can easily install at your home.

  1. JELD-WEN  Primed Steel Left-Hand Inswing 15 Lite Glass Door

Made with the best type of high-grade rust-resistant steel, this product is the most affordable and trustworthy choice for your home. With a well-thought-over design and sustained quality steel, it will certainly help change the look of your home. This French-style patio door swings right into your home on both sides and opens only with a security pin.

Its door frames are made of superior quality AuraLast wood; hence, they do not rot and are ready for paint. The factory-sealed grids between the panels make the cleaning of this door easier.

The best thing about this JELD-WEN patio door is that it comes with an e-coated glass, making it highly energy-efficient and keeping your home cool in summers and warm during winters.

  1. Anderson 200 Series Right-Hand Perma-Shield Gliding Patio Door

This slim-designed door from Anderson comes with a Perma Shield coating on its solid wooden material and tempered glass panels, giving a modern look to your house. It also has moving panels that open to the right.

The cordless design of the door with a white sliding insect screen makes it easy to raise and lower for controlled light exposure. Besides, due to the presence of e-tempered glasses, the energy consumption of this patio door is relatively low.

Blinds are located behind the insulated glass, protecting the door from dirt and damage. Hence, maintaining the door is pretty easier.

  1. Milgard Tuscany Series V400 Sliding Patio Door

Milgard Tuscany Series V400 Sliding Patio Door is made of top-quality Vinyl, which makes it inexpensive and durable. You customize the glass and grids of this door as per your choice. The frame materials have been tested to meet the AAMA’s severe requirements.

These patio doors are kind of hinge doors that open inward or outward and can easily fit in small spaces. Besides, the Milgard coating on the door allows UV rays to pass through the paint, preserving the exterior color and finish for a long time.

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Milgard smart touch handle of the door has the functionality to allow opening-closing, and unlocking of doors in one go. Also, it offers relatively more security as the door gets automatically locked when the handle is down.

  1. Centor 200 Series Integrated Sliding Patio Door

It is a choice made by people who enjoy luxury living. The elegant sliding mechanism of the Centor 200 Series Integrated Sliding Patio Door with fixed glass and symmetrical or asymmetrical panels offers a wide area for better light entry into your home.

Concealed hardware on this door removes visual distractions and enables you to enjoy the outside view even with closed doors. However, the major highlight of this patio door from Centor is its fingertip operation to glide the door panels easily.

  1. Anderson 400 Series French wood Gliding Patio Door

You can call Anderson 400 Series French wood Gliding Patio Door one of the best in the series of patio doors with a traditional French door design in a modern look. The Vinyl exterior of this product allows natural light to enter and is known for its long-lasting nature.

The door has an aluminum track and a stainless-steel cap that prevents stain and rust from spoiling it. Also, the Vinyl covering with the door’s wooden frame renders low maintenance yet an attractive experience.

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Besides, this door has a cordless design that helps the easy movement of its blinds. However, these blinds are located between the insulated glass panes that protect the glass from dust and external damage.

  1. Milgard AX550 Pocket Glass Door

Have an out-of-world experience with Milgard AX550 Pocket Glass Door that slide into the wall and disappear from the view when opened. The aluminum frames and panels of this door are robust and durable.

This particular door from Milgard comes with an energy-saving system and weather-stripped interlock mechanism to cut down your electricity bills and ensure the safety of your home. Also, you can avail yourself of a lifetime warranty with this thermal-designed aluminum door.

So, when you opt for this latest Milgard modern artistic designed beautiful glass patio door, you get to make a new style statement.

Wrap up

You need to be careful while selecting a patio door for your home as it changes the overall look of your outdoors and helps you connect with nature. However, based on your requirement, you can opt for any of the above-mentioned residential patio doors to unleash their benefits.

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