Best Perennials for Sun 

Choosing the best flowers for your garden can be difficult with many options.

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Perennials  are great because they require less care once they’ve established themselves in your  garden and come back year after year, so you don’t have to replant every season. They  also help attract pollinators for themselves and any other plants you may be growing.  Get a nice sunny place in your garden to try out some of these gorgeous perennials you  can enjoy for years to come. 


Daisy plants bloom twice a year in most zones where they can be grown. They have a  long blooming season in the summer and can produce a few flowers during mild  winters. Depending on the variety, these hardy plants produce one to two flowers per  plant. While white is the most common color for daisy plants, there are also other  colored varieties, including pink and red. Daisy plants require little maintenance, making  them great for gardeners of all skill levels. Daisies can also be harvested to make a tea  with a gentle floral flavor.

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Black Eyed Susan 

Black-eyed Susan originated in North America and has been cultivated by Native  Americans since before European settlers arrived, making it a very easy-to-grow option  for gardens almost anywhere in the US. They are believed to be a valuable medicinal  plant according to many Native American tribes. The typical variety of black-eyed Susan  flowers is a vibrant yellow, but over years of cultivation, varieties now exist in multiple  colors, including orange, red, and brown. These beautiful perennials are known to  attract butterflies and other valuable pollinators to the garden.

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Coneflowers or echinacea are rising in popularity as a decorative plant for tea use.  While purple is the most common color variation, the flowers can be found in many  colors, including pink, white, green, red, and yellow. There are over 40 varieties of these  flowers, all of which are prolific growers in North America. All varieties have large cone shaped heads, which is where coneflowers come from. They grow best in eastern and  central North America, where they are native. Echinacea flowers have a long blooming  season that often lasts most of the summer. These can be a great attraction for  butterflies and other pollinators.

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Perennials will continue to bloom yearly if you want a beautiful garden that requires  little to no maintenance. This can make it relatively simple to accomplish whatever  vision you have for expanding your garden. Try these perennial flowers that are native  to the US for ease of growing in the first place. These flowers even grow well together.  Once established, the plants will all but maintain themselves in your colorful flowerbeds.  In addition to the beauty of the blooms, all of these perennials are known to draw in a  variety of pollinators, including butterflies which are arguably the gorgeous pollinators  you’ll find in the garden.


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