Best Tiles Suitable For Your Home

It’s easy to think that you can install the tiles you want in your home, whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom or in an entryway. However, it takes more than choosing and watching helpful videos online to know how to install tiles properly. Consider a few reasons why it’s always good to choose the type of tiles for your home carefully.

The following tips will guide you in making the right choice.

1. Slip Resistance

Slippery floors are very dangerous especially if your home has children, elderly and disabled people. When choosing tiles, make sure you go for tiles that are slip resistant. A bathroom is the most affected part of your house and that is where most accidents tend to happen. You can choose to have pebbles, mosaic or ceramic tiles for your bathroom. Make sure the source of your tiles is reliable. This will ensure the safety of your floors or walls. Your kitchen too will need tiles that safe since there are a lot of activities that involve water and soaps in there that can make you slide and fall.

2. Quality

This measures the materials’ ability to withstand foot traffic and scratches. Tiles that are weak in texture break off easily. It may also be dangerous especially if they are to be put on the wall in a house with children around. You will need tiles that show resistance to wear caused by movement of surfaces or materials in contact with them. You should check the tiles before work begins to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

3. Color

Just like everything in life, colors evolve with time and you need to choose a shade that is right for your home. Make sure that the colors create a suitable backdrop from which to decorate the rest of the space. As much as other things like soft furnishings, furniture, and décor play a vital role in creating a good ambiance, the choice of tile shade you make does as well. If your house is painted in different shades, you can go for tiles of the same plain color not to give your home a busy look. You can ask a professional to choose colors for you if you are not sure of what works best with your other home decors.

4. Water Absorption

Tiles that have low water absorption have higher mechanical strength. It is important to purchase and fire tiles at high temperatures for this make them less water absorbent. Tiles that absorb water easily do not last long and you will need to keep replacing or repairing them. Go for tiles that are waterproof. You can ask your contractor or the tile company to identify for you the tiles that are water resistant.

5. Chemical and Stain Resistance

Installing tiles that are stain resistance is hygienic for they are easy to clean. Ceramic tiles are known to resist stains because of their glazed surface. This means that you do not have to scrub hard to get off food particles that stick on the walls of your kitchen or have to fight for space with pests that come to feast on those particles. You just wipe your kitchen walls after cooking and you are good to is also important to put tiles that can withstand the heat that comes from the kitchen heat without bending or cracking. These tiles should be strong enough and they should not expand or contract during temperature changes.

6. Durability

You will need to go for tiles that will give value to your money. Tiles installed on driveways are supposed to be those that can withstand heavy and frequent use by vehicles. Low-quality tiles will crack and contribute to tear and wear of your car tires. This also applies to the tiles for your bathroom walls. They should be able to endure frequent splashing of water. Do not go for tiles that fall off within a short period after they are installed.

The interior and exterior part of your house needs a good finishing. Tiles are a modern way of flooring or walling and they give your home an attractive appearance. Choosing the right tiles for your home is important for it reduces the work of maintenance and cleaning. The wrong choice of tiles can cost you a lot in keeping them in good shape and you may end up not liking the appearance of your home. It is also important to maintain your tiles after installing them. Avoid leaks of water pipes behind the tiling and make sure the outdoor tiled space has a good water drainage in case of rains.


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