Best ways to get rid of ants safely

There’s no doubt that ants are a nuisance you don’t want to have hanging around at your home. They get into your clothes, cupboards and food, and some of them even bite you too, basically, ants are a pest, but the good news is it is pretty easy to get rid of them safely.

So we know that ants are a problem, but running to the store for a chemical based killing agent can be a problem too, with the potential to harm your children, pets, the environment and the local wildlife population. Instead, why not make use of one of the dozens of natural ant killing ideas that are out there? Many of them are things you can make up from what you already have in your food store, or if not then these products are very cheap to buy.

Let’s have a look at some of the most effective ways to safely get rid of ants, or you can read more later.

#1 – Safe ant exterminator: cinnamon

Ants hate the smell of cinnamon so this treatment will get rid of them but also put them off coming back. If you have dried cinnamon in the pantry, (anyone who likes to bake is bound to have ), you can sprinkle some near the points the ants are getting in to stop their friends coming over, then clean any inside away with warm soapy water.

Alternatively, mix half a teaspoon of cinnamon essential oil with a cup of water and either spray it on any ants inside as well as around their entry points.

#2 – Safe ant exterminator: white vinegar

This is another item ants hate the scent of, and all you need do is mix it in equal parts with water before spraying on the pests, and the places they are using as entrances and exits. Repeat every day until they are gone for good.

#3 – Safe ant exterminator: cucumber peel

Use bitter or regular cucumbers, ants hate the taste of both. Simply peel a cucumber and place pieces of the peel around the area where you have seen ants. Change them daily as they are not effective once dried out, and just keep going till the ants are all gone– like magic.

#4 – Safe ant exterminator: liquid dish soap

Take a cup of water and mix in a teaspoon of the liquid soap and one of baking soda, mix and wipe it over the area where the ants enter the home.

#5 – Safe ant exterminator: spices

If you have cayenne pepper around that works well as it interferes with the chemical clues ants rely on from their friends to lead them down a trail to food, their nest or anywhere else they need to go as a group. Once this is disorientated they will move on. It’s simple to use – just sprinkle around the areas they are hanging out and wait for them to die.

If you want to make extra sure they won’t come in again add some turmeric powder to the cayenne pepper and sprinkle around entrances you know of; they won’t cross it.


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