Best Ways to Simplify Your Design

It is not a secret that simplicity is the top characteristic of any subject or object. Minimalism can be considered not a style, but rather a set of mind. When it comes to website design, the first thing an eager user would resort to is finding the easiest option which this or that site offers.

When a website looks simple and easy to deal with, it is usable, and its content becomes an indispensable issue. Therefore, while starting a website and developing an existing one to a better condition, it is imperative to do, so-called, pre-work. It includes one issue which is of the utmost importance – setting clear goals which can be later transformed into a successful website.

We are going to feature the most effective ways of simplifying your design and place your website on the level of top usable ones.

Top 10 Ways to Resort to in Terms of Design

If you want to master the art in the sphere of web design and you are eager about having a great number of satisfied users, have a look at the following pieces of advice which are shaped as logic guidance on websites simplicity.

  1. Call of action as an integral part of web mastering.

If a user opens a webpage, he or she is willing to find the reflection of his goal there. Remember that your website has to contain a clear motto for a user’s motivation. ‘Calls of action’ have to be simple. We do not mean triviality of expressions, a just laconic statement with attractive design and central location is a perfect choice.

  1. Keep updated.

If a user clicks through at least 7 pages and encounters out-of-date information, honestly, he will be frustrated and will never visit this web page. The matter of numeration also arises here since the content with disordered manner is not attractive and simple. Make as few pages as possible but locate everything in an approachable manner.

  1. Become an artist.

The color pallet is considered to be an important tool for attracting and distracting people. The only important thing to remember is that there is no need to overwhelm and make your page super-colorful. If you want to keep simplicity, make your webpage in a monotone color palette. However, remember about highlighting the most important information or notes and updates on your site. It is said that fewer colors do not mentally overload a user so that such a wisely constructed website creates the harmonious and well-organized effect.

  1. Be user – friendly.

Simple navigation is meant under this title. Definitely, it is trendy to hide or minimize the general look of options but, to be honest, an average user demands quick navigation and simple management of a site. If you want to show off with cool and modernized navigation, be ready to face the fact that users are not willing to do extra strenuous work to find a necessary element. Furthermore, the simpler web design is, the easier it is to use it on a mobile device.

  1. Stick to the ’80-20’ rule.

If you seek for a piece of advice on how to improve the already existing site, this rule is undoubtedly for you. Any alterations in design must be more advanced but, at the same time, simple and user – friendly.

  • Be ready to take in that 20 percent of the issues on a site is, actually, 80 percent of what users want. The simple interface will allow you to fill your web page with the most meaningful information.
  • If you rethink a design, concentrate on the mentioned 20 percent since they define the level of the topicality of the content. However, remember that 80 percent are passive influencers. They do not directly address a user, but they are kept in mind on an unconscious level of a man’s perception.
  1. Use wise interface.

Everything that you offer your users has to be meaningful, especially, when it comes to UI (user interface) elements. All the icons or hypertext has to be manageable. Avoid having any icons which are not useful for users. For instance, recollect those moments when you click on an icon, but it does not respond. Irritating? Is not it?

  1. Be conventional with the typography.

Standard shape and color, uniform stroke widths, no exuberance of ornaments – these are the features of the simplest and the most stylish web design. However, if you want to emphasize something, you may use specific lettering which is readable and visible.

  1. Think about the layout of the canvas.

A well-structured web page is the one who is mobile in terms of finding information. It is nice if you may place everything on the only page using an average laptop screen. Think about any other devices which also demand wisely organized content.

  1. Communicate wisely.

Though you do not have face-to-face conversations with users, you cooperate with them. The tone of your web page has to be light and respectable. Define your target audience it will help you to choose the language. For instance, if you are willing to offer content to the teens, do not be afraid to use slang or neologisms. This will keep you on the same wave with them.

  1. Do not be afraid to push beyond the limits.

Rules are powerful, but they are not aimed at making you, a web designer, original.

It is commendable to follow the instructions which are analyzed from the position of a user, but contemporary people want a new spur to start their business, set up a company, enroll on a webinar and so on. Find your niche which will motivate a user.

As far as we understand individual income in the process of web designing is a crucial element since you are much spoken about, then you are an integral part of web communication. Develop your own style of greeting with the users which will make them wait for the next visit.

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