Best Window Styles for Living Room

Living room windows is like a business card of the house, since this is the place for family gatherings and guests welcoming.  Living room may have many windows or one set of huge windows for maximum access of daylight.  People like to organize their living in unique style, that is why architectural designs are available in different options for every customer to satisfy his needs. 

Installing new construction windows is complicated task but not for Apex Window Werks technicians, who always work to provide the best service in this field.  This article is devoted to window styles for living room, to give our readers a deeper knowledge for their right choice in window installation or replacement process.

Let us now define the most popular types of windows:

  • Bay and bow;
  • Casement and tilt & turn;
  • Double-hung;
  • Architectural windows.

You can always order a service of installing new windows at Apex.

Bow and bay windows

Traditional architectural designs are always in fashion, but bay and bow windows is modern respond of a market to satisfy the very refined taste of demanding customers.  This is a gorgeous solution that just can’t look bad.  Bay window is polyhedral bulge in the wall glazed with windows, which stand at an angle relative to the next.  This is a genuine designer handwriting, which brings lots of daylight to inside premise.

Bay and bow windows can be installed in buildings specifically designed for them.  Mostly bay windows are installed in cottages, country houses, as well as in fashionable establishments, such as restaurants or offices.  The design of the bay window itself is not too different from a conventional metal-plastic window.  The only noticeable difference of the construction is window profiles, that are joined together at an angle.  A steel profile is in the center and can withstand heavy loads, additional sealed profiles provide an angle between the leaves.  Window profiles and bay windows always match in color, which makes them look very organic and natural.

These, at first sight, complex solutions are very reliable, have good sound isolation and heat insulation abilities and for durability reasons should be maintained by professionals. 

Casement and tilt & turn windows

Modern windows have not only good sound isolation and energy saving abilities, but they are also produced in different shapes and colors.  Most commonly used are up to three casement windows.  Single casement tilt & turn is installed into the window space with width up to 5ft.  It possesses good isolation abilities and provides good daylight access.  Double casement window is a kind with two casements being possible to open.  It is an easy and convenient way to clean it, as well as, to provide good ventilation.  There are also windows with three casements, where one or two casements have tilt & turn possibility and at least one casement is fixed.  These are huge windows and commonly installed into big premises, for example in living rooms. 

Double-hung windows

Regardless of your design and style of the living room double-hung windows is always a good choice.  This type is a good solution for any room.  Double-hung construction consists of two casements, upper and down ones, which can be both moved at a same time – from top to bottom and reverse.  This is a very universal, safe and easy to use window style, which is available in different colors and sizes.

As additional option, you may choose one or even two locks for one window.  It is impossible to be unlocked from the outside.  Very important to note is that for ventilation reasons you can open any casement as wide as you wish and fix it.  The casement won’t mover further, unless you change its position.

Double-hung windows give an impression of a real home, mainly not a big size and very easy to use.

Architectural windows

Architectural glazing constructions reflect the character of the building in full.  They are good for both modern and modest styles, since with the help of noble and solid look underline the uniqueness of the house.  Their second name is panoramic windows.

It is good to mention that this type is considered to be the premium class, because of its size and manufactured from the best materials to serve for years.  An architect of the design is you, since the window is produced as you ordered.

Architectural-style windows help to enhance the appearance of your home while maintaining faithfulness to the original construction and design.

To summarize, any window style is good but to make it perfect it should be installed into the right house.  Window kind should correspond to the architectural design of the building, and, not the least important, you must love what you are choosing.  Home is a place where you should feel comfortable, and living room is the best relaxing zone in the house where family gathers together.  Trust your installation or replacement of windows to Apex Window Werks for your comfort.


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