Beware of Termite Before Buying a Property

Termites, also known as white ants, are highly disruptive and can cause significant damage to the timber and weaken the building structure.

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Research indicates one out of every four properties in Australia will get attacked by termite at some point in their lifetime unless protected against it.  

Buying a property is a crucial decision, and every point needs to be considered before making a purchase. Here we will discuss why termite is such a big problem and why is it essential to get an inspection done by pest control experts.  

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What Makes Termite Nuisance for Home Buyers?  

Termites are highly efficient; they can destroy the roof’s entire structural timber and the wall within three months of construction. Termites are more devastating in Australia than fire, floods, storms, and tempest combined. A large termite infestation can easily consume a pound of cellulose in a single day. 

Termite builds a central nest from which they construct tunnels infecting houses in a 100-metre radius. Termites will creep into your home through inconspicuous paths such as the patios, fire heaths, joints, cracks in the concrete slabs. White ants travel in mud shelter tubes to maintain hydration and protect themselves from predators. 

Termite damages wooden furniture inside out, leaving almost no evidence of their presence till the damage has reached unmanageable proportions. Termites are inaccessible to inspection unless done by a professional. Pest control inspectors use thermal advanced thermal imaging cameras to detect termite. 

Photo by Глеб Коровко from Pexels

Why to Do A Termite Inspection Before Buying A Property? 

A termite inspection is imperative before buying a property. It is usually the buyer’s expense, but it is well worth it. Experts’ termite inspection will reveal dangers to the property; a thorough examination in the initial stages will save a lot of headache at a later stage. 

Termite infestations may affect the value of the property. Factors like the house’s location and the history of infestations need to be investigated while purchasing the property. While making a home purchase, it is vital to look into all the aspects and not getting blindsided by the outward appearance. 

Termite infestations are silent, and it isn’t easy to detect with a naked eye. They effectively hide in the buildings’ cracks and gaps; they usually eat the wood from inside out. An expert can detect such infestations with their advanced types of equipment like thermal termite scanner. 

A termite inspector can detect the extent of the infestation and the nature of the problem. Like the problem chronic, is it a recent problem, can it be treated, and the chances of re-occurrence once it is treated. The inspector will also tell if the issue existed in the past and has been treated. 

Often it is not unusual to have minor infestations on the property because termite is quite common in Australia. If the problem is minor and recent, you may want to treat the pain before purchasing your dream home. The existing landowner might agree to get it done before selling the property. 

At times there could be no overt termite in the house. However, it could be present underground the exterminators will dig a hole in the property to detect termite networks. You may require the current owner’s permission to search under the soil. It is a common practice to overlook the importance of inspecting the yard for termites. 

Photo by Глеб Коровко from Pexels


Termite is the most critical threat to the property and could severely damage the property. It is not advisable to invest in the property without knowing the existing extent of termite infestation or the property’s potential threat. Termite is a silent invader of any property, and its presence may be hidden. 

If there are visible signs of infections, you can ask the landowner for the inspection report. However, no visual cues of infestations do not mean any termite. It is always best to hire professionals for a deeper inspection of the property to ensure complete peace of mind later. 


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