BIONIC TOWER The Architecture of the Future

The building facade have applied an complete integrated design, designed to create a smart system to take the energy with an efficient comfort in use.

The architecture of the future, not only include form, also architecture is perfectly adapted and integrates shape and efficiency for use surrounding various forms of green energy. Tower assumes a natural structural organization, which generates efficient structures found in nature and architecture.

  • As naturally regenerate, so this system offers a naturally organic restructuring and reorganization, there is a basic unit, space and architecture similar to cathedrals, and any natural system. Learning from nature and use of advanced computing power allows to design structures, LAVA design incredible brightness, efficiency and elegance, intelligence and intelligence small unit overall system; By modeling behavioral logic system parameters are continuously optimized The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • In addition new materials and technologies allow adaptability reaction, awareness of environmental issues.

Traditional building’s exterior features a passive, lacking the ability to adapt to the external environment with a continuously fluctuating. The towers and intelligent is like an organic skin manages to bring an extreme innovation in the field of architecture and design, allowing control and responsiveness to the external environment such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, air pollution and solar radiation.

  • Client:
  • confidential
  • Location:
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Status:
  • Feasibility Stage 2007


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