Blinds and Shades – What’s the Best Choice for Your Home?   


Most buyers looking for window treatments end up buying blinds and shades.

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They are no doubt the most popular options available at a considerable price. Regardless of that, blinds and shades have their unique, elegant appearance, abilities to control sunlight from entering the room, ease of operation, and other things. Stoneside Shades and blinds are quite popular like any other trusted and reputed company out there. 

On a broader outlook, both of these window covering options are enough to fulfill your decorative and functional requirements. However, there are some factors that will decide whether you should go with a blind or a shade. This article is all about it so consider reading till the very end.

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So, what’s the basic difference between the two?

Shoppers usually use both words, interchanging them when buying window coverings. However, the two are not the same, even though they have some similarities.

On the one hand, blinds are hard coverings, and they are made with horizontal slats. On the other hand, window shades are made of different types of fabrics. While both of these treatments achieve the common goal of covering windows, they differ in other sectors like operation, costs, styles, materials, etc.

How to Decide between Shades and Blinds?

Finding the appropriate one for your needs is not a quick open-and-shut deal. Here are some of the factors that will help you decide what’s best for your home –

Privacy and Sunlight Control

Both blinds and shades fulfill this functionality in their separate ways.

  • Blinds have slats and they can be tilted to control the entry of sunlight according to needs.
  • Shades made of the solid fabric have only two options – either you keep them open or closed. 

However, one can buy a light-filtering fabric so that you can let in natural light while also securing the privacy of your room. So, privacy and sunlight control are not a problem in either of the two.

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The Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning your window coverings is essential if you want to keep them new. Cleaning a blind is a breeze; all you need is furniture polish and a soft cloth. You can use a vacuum cleaner to wipe away the dust with its brush for your shades. Or, if the dust is heavy, one can spot-clean with warm water. But, regardless you have blinds or shades, any serious stain or dirt will require professional cleaning services.

A pro tip: If your home is in a busy traffic area, or if you have pets or kids at home, the better choice is to go with blinds.


When it comes to durability, blinds have the upper hand. It is because they are made from rugged and durable materials such as wood, PVC, aluminum, etc. They also have a better resistance to withstand wear and tear. So, especially if you are living in a high-traffic area, choose blinds instead of shades to avoid them getting snagged by pedestrians.

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Wrapping Up

If you decide on buying Stoneside shades or similar products from reputed companies, one thing that is always essential is to take the correct measurements. Make sure you are measuring your window from the edge of the upper panel to the bottom of the panel. If unsure of your measurements, consider calling a professional to ensure nothing goes wrong. 


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