Bohemian Home Decor and Interior Design Ideas

Bohemian home décor is for people who like to think out of the box. It doesn’t restrict you with rules like other designs do. In fact, bohemian interior design is busy and random. There aren’t any bare spots in a room that is designed and decorated using Bohemian home decor. Bohemian interiors are full of different and interesting accessories. All empty spaces are filled with pillows, painting, and figurines.

Bohemian home décor has a cool and laid back vibe. It gives any room a patterned, bright and multicultural concoction that gives it a unique look and feel. Bohemian means someone or something that is unconventional and unique. It started in the early 1800s and was used to describe the lifestyle of wanderers or vagabonds. Today, it has developed into a completely unique and highly sought-after interior design and décor style.

If you want to create a bohemian style interior in your entire home or any room, then here are some ideas that you can follow.

  • A Simple Base

The foundation of a bohemian style begins with a solid foundation. It is best to keep the color neutral. In fact, if you want a perfect canvas, then warm and earthy tones work best. In addition, you can also go for vintage wall paints as well. Vintage floral wallpapers make a great canvas to add some color on. Similarly, you can find some other wallpapers in Melbourne that don’t have too much going on in them. You want a neutral base so that the other things in the room can pop out. It also allows you to use excessive and expressive patterns and colors that create a perfect setting in the room. It also doesn’t make the room painfully loud and overbearing.

You can also saturate neutral tones and create a neutral and calm look. Going for a bright color will only make the starting point chaotic. Add colors and patterns gradually. Furthermore, a neutral tone is the best when it comes to longevity.

  • Add Plants

Plants are a great way to add a relaxing vibe to any room. It also adds dimension to the room and makes it look fresh, soothing and beautiful. Furthermore, plants are also highly affordable and adding a couple of them in the room will do the job for you. Plants will not only add color to the room, but they will also purify the air without interfering with the design too much.

Another way to incorporate plants into your room décor and setting is to use hanging plants. They give a subtle bohemian look to any space and also add depth and fun to the setting. You can choose any plants that you like. Just make sure that you choose indoor plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight to thrive.

  • Play with Patterns

If there is one thing that you will find in every bohemian decorated room, then it is patterns. You can layer similar patterns to create an easy and cost-effective bohemian look. Play around with colorful cushions, rugs with contrasting patterns, etc.  Also, add patterns here and there as you can. You can also add decorative wallpapers in your room to match those patterns. There are various stores that sells online wallpaper in Melbourne from where you can purchase the wallpaper of your choice. If you wish to create a lush bohemian vibe, you can also play around with different shapes, patterns and styles.

However, when you are playing around with different patterns, do make sure that you have a consistent theme running throughout the room. Decide on a color and then add different hues of the same color across the room. Use bright and dark colors to add depth and vibrant feel to the setting.

  • Bright Colors

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about bohemian décor is bright colors. Bold and bright hues are the go-to colors in bohemian home décor. You can also add jewel tones or deep ones to make the space comforting.

Add bright colors to the neutral base color and it will pop out. This is the look you want when creating a bohemian décor and interior design.

  • Forget Minimalism

Minimalism and bohemian décor don’t work out together. In fact, follow, ‘the more the better’ when you are following bohemian style. There aren’t any blank spaces and empty surfaces in bohemian décor. A bohemian styled living room is full of bright colors, patterns and accessories. You can simply display all that you have collected over the years and the things you love. However, don’t over do it. Everything that you place in any of the rooms must have a purpose and a place. It should go with the design and décor but also stand out on its own.

  • Low-Lying Furniture

Another thing to add to your bohemian home décor and interior design is low-lying furniture.. Get some low-based sofas. Add some comfortable throw cushions on them and scatter them with plenty of plush. Need some extra seating? Put in some poufs to add color, character and seating space to the room.

You can also opt for floor seating. You have to find the perfect rug to consider the starting point. Go and find some accessories and preloved furnishings to add to the look. You can also add some antique pieces to the setting if your budget allows.

Bohemian home décor and interior design can enhance the look of any room. It also makes a space more comfortable and fun. If done right, bohemian décor and design exude fun, taste and creativity. From mixing colors to layering patterns and combining different furniture styles, bohemian décor gives a room a free-spirited vibe.

Play around with colors and patterns and add accessories and antiques to the room. The result will be a casual and chic look that will look gorgeous, comforting and welcoming.

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