Boost-up The Value of Your Home By Following These 6 Tips

Putting money back into your residential property is a tried and tested solution to amp up its market worth. However, all home renovation projects are not equal. Some upgrades are pricey, yet unable to recoup the expenses. On the other hand, simple strategies like cleaning your yard can make your home look move-in ready, thereby boosting its value.

Adding value to your home doesn’t necessarily mean investing in lavish renovation projects that break the bank. Read on for creative tips that will not cost you a lot, but will enable you to improve your home’s curb appeal and clinch a deal in case you are planning to sell your asset.


  • Focus on Basic Repairs and Maintenance

Before undertaking a cosmetic renovation project like building a swanky kitchen or spa-like bathrooms, it is critical to focus on your home’s maintenance needs. Fix leaks, insulate your attic and basement, upgrade your HVAC system, replace gutters, inspect your chimney, and organize your home. These fixes can go a long way in making your home functional, thereby boosting its resale value.

For instance, having a fireplace can improve your home value; yet, if you do not highlight this focal feature you cannot make a lasting impression on your visitors and prospective buyers. Binge watch Fixer Upper or take inspiration from a few creative designs and ideas to set the ball rolling.

However, DIY chimney sweeping is not a good idea. The job is not only messy and intricate, but also dangerous. Moreover, you do not have the eye to unearth the potential issues in your chimney. Chimney sweeps are experts in identifying such problems and use high-tech tools to clean the chimney, flue, air ducts, and dryer vents.

Reputed chimney sweeps are available in almost all cities in the U.S. They offer tailored chimney services in Seattle, Vancouver, Astoria, Cleveland, and many other cities depending on their topography and climatic conditions. Get in touch with your local chimney sweep to create a cozy and inviting ambiance in your home.

Further, broken or old rain gutters dissuade potential home buyers from considering your property, bringing down its market value. Check the gutters for cracks, and wear and tear. Upgrade to stainless steel or copper ones that not only brave extreme weather conditions, but also give the home a polished look.


  • Get Tech Savvy
Smartphone Multimedia Smart Home Technology Home

Remember the American animated sitcom, The Jetsons? Who doesn’t want to live such an ultra-modern life? A survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate revealed that a vast majority of American homebuyers want a move-in ready house with smart features.

Imagine moving into a luxurious abode with smart devices and voice-enabled assistants making coffee, turning the music on, or opening the curtains. Investing in smart home technology not only improves one’s quality of life, but also makes his/her home stand out in the neighborhood. The sheer idea of living in a high-tech house with smart gadgets convinces potential homebuyers to pay a premium for the property.

Thus, your best bet is to give your home a high-tech makeover with intelligent devices like smart locks, cameras, thermostat, lighting, and appliances.


  • Add an Entertainment Room


Have a spare room? Convert it into an entertainment area to host a video game or movie nights and impress all your guests. Whether you want to make this space kids-friendly or convert it into a leisure area for adults, this upgrade will add immense value to your home.

The primary requirement for building a media room is 10’X16’ spare room, audio-video system and fittings, atmospheric lighting, and comfortable couches. Hire a veteran home-theater designer who can help you build the perfect home theater to improve your home’s luxury quotient.


  • Spruce Up Your Home Exterior


Your home exterior is the first thing that gets noticed by passers-by, neighbors, and visitors. Simply cleaning up your yard, pruning the plants, pulling out weeds, and planting vibrant perennials can double the curb appeal and value of your house.

Focus on improving the desirability factor of outdoor living spaces such as the patio, the deck, the lawn, and the driveway. These upgrades cost a fraction, but have a high return on investment. A study conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) reveals that upgrading the deck will recover 106 percent of its cost when the house is up for sale.


  • Make Storage a Priority

Statistics reveal an average American household owns more than 300 thousand items. In fact, according to the New York Times Magazine, one out of ten Americans rent a space to store their belongings. No wonder, having extra storage space is a positive feature that homebuyers boast of.

Maximize your home’s storage capacity by getting rid of the items that are not in use. Decluttering and organizing spaces not only makes a room feel spacious, but also improves its appeal.

Explore storage opportunities like concealed nooks and corners, under the stairs, space in the attic, and the area alongside cisterns and above the sink. Invest in sturdy vertical cabinets, floating shelves, and wall bookshelves that can safely store all your out-of-season or rarely-used items.

Homeowners who make arrangements for extra storage space are often rewarded with a premium when the property is up for sale. Therefore, it is wise to use innovative ways to create maximum storage space in your home.


  • Add Little Details for Large Impact


A small home upgrade can go a long way in improving the value of your property. Simple hacks like replacing an old light fixture with an ornate chandelier can be a real value booster. Similarly, updating your mailbox or swapping your rusty front door knob with an attractive one can instantly improve your home’s real estate value.

Smartening up your abode can maximize your property’s current and long-term value. Whether you want to improve your quality of life, impress your guests, or sell your home at a premium price, the information shared in this post will perk up your home’s worth.


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