Brighten Your Home Life with Rechargeable Drop Lights

Lighting is as important to home décor as any other design element and it should be chosen in accordance with your home style and the atmosphere you want to create. Today’s generation of lighting technology come up with a wide variety of high quality solutions with minimum maintenance and maximum functionality. The ‘Drop Light‘is a portable delightful lamp from DOOlight which incorporate innovative design and performance in one product. Perfect for motivating mood, you can get the exact mood anywhere in your home by simply increase and decrease it in intensity. Cordless, heatless and limitless, it consists of rechargeable ‘drops’-shaped lights with highly efficient rechargeable battery inside, which can be utilized together as one lamp or as individual lamps. You can turn the light on/off by simply touching the metal base or pipe. The ‘Drop Light‘ has a smaller version, ‘Drop Light-mini’, an alternative solution which is ideal for more intimate settings. See for yourself from these photos how can be integrated in your interiors.


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