Bring Nature Inside with Colored Lichen Wall Arts

Looking to create natural-inspired edges in your home like vertical gardens? These colored lichen wall arts may be a great alternative to green walls, potted plants or fresh-cut flowers in a vase, creating amazing visual effects for those of you who love nature and want to enjoy it indoors as well, especially in an apartment life which sometimes seems cold and empty. MOSSFrame, as it’s called, is a new, original interior design idea from Italian company Benetti Stone, which unlike actual plants and living things that require cleanup and care, it doesn’t involve maintainance at all.

Why? Because it’s based on a simple yet clever concept: natural stabilized lichen especially treated, so there’s no need to take care of them as you’ll do with other plants. Besides that, any version from MOSSFrame collection you’ll choose, it comes in a white laquered frame with different sizes for your walls, which will bring elegance and uniqueness in your room. a selection of colors – black, blue, purple, red, alongside classic green make these wall planters stand out on the wall and display their artistic side.

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