Bring the Outdoors in with New Zen Collection from Watermark Designs

Synonymous with innovative faucet designs, Brooklin-based firm Watermark Designs has been the leading producer of decorative plumbing fixtures, lighting and elegant hardware, and bathroom accessories for the luxury commercial and residential segment, for more than three decades.

Over time, they worked with some of the world’s finest designers and architects producing remarkable high-quality products and original collections specifically customized to meet client’s precise specifications. Their success is largely due to an intelligent combination of sustainable hands-on designs with an eye towards architectural detail, and state-of-the-industry equipment.


Drawing inspiration from the surrounding nature, Watermark Designs pushes the edges of faucet innovation and design by enveiling their latest collection of faucet handles entitled “Zen Collection”. The original-looking collection is really something completely new in faucet design, because they were able to utilize rocks and stones in ways never used before.  It’s contains quartz faucet handles, carved by Stone Forest, and rocks hand-picked from the shores of  the Great Lakes in Michigan, ideal to create a spa-like bathroom interior, warm and very inviting. A favorite rock garden of Avi Abel’s was the inspiration in designing the appealing “Zen Collection”.


The idea was to make faucet handles that would be similar to the counter or vanity material as possible, to blend in beautifully that you almost could not tell where the vanity ended and the handles began, so rocks and stone were the perfect choice. The handles are secured to counters using rare earth magnets, eliminating in this way the need to use set screws and improving the look of these handles. Moreover, the shapes of the rocks are rather irregular, so this contributes even more to their organic and natural appearance they have. Therefore, the quartz stone handles seamlessly integrate into the look of the counter, thing that isn’t possible with a traditional brass or nickel handle.

The “Zen Collection” of handles is available for any Watermark Designs faucet in any configuration, giving designers virtually hundreds of design options. The stones are available in the following colors: Ice White Onyx, Honey Onyx, Nero Marquinha, Carrara Marble and Multi-Color; while the rock colors are: Winter Morning, Harvest Light Beige, Mountain Midnight Dark and Harvest Dark.

For more faucet designs with distinguished look, check out also the KLUDI BOZZ line.






 Photos © Watermark Designs

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