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Commercial painting is not only for the improvement of a property’s looks, but it can also help a business build its brand. Numerous benefits are there when it comes to the application of a fresh coat of color, and this can be in the form of rebranding. 

Stay on top of your company by matching the exteriors and interior walls to your logo. Restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques can benefit from the great first impressions that fresher walls can bring. You can also attract customers in the process by sprucing up the looks of a run-down building.

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Well-executed jobs are going to be very appealing, and this can bring in more profits. Aside from the aesthetic value, you can prevent mildew, mould, and dust from gathering because the experts from the Avello Painters will wash the surfaces and prep them well. These experts meet the regulatory requirements by staying safe while on the job, getting the best types of non-toxic paint, and ensuring that your property remains clean and attractive throughout the year.

What Types of Buildings Do Commercial Painters Paint?

Factory Painting

Manufacturing businesses in Australia have needs to keep the look and functionality of their factories. The walls and the ceilings are going to be added with the right colour combinations to maximize productivity for the workers.

Since they are generally very large spaces, it can be a costly endeavour where owners decide to freshen up everything once every five years or so. With the right professionals, the large-scale process can get finished in a reasonable amount of time, and the entire walls are getting coated right, so they won’t look too dilapidated.

Well-kept factory spaces are linked to more employee satisfaction, and since metals may be susceptible to rust and mould growth, repainting them can prevent the corrosion and other health hazards that they pose. See more about mould control on this page here.

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Historic Buildings

Exterior restoration is often common with old houses. The best experts are going to be careful to preserve the appearance of the property and protect the walls. Although power washing is involved, they are very careful not to destroy any existing walls, shutters, and wood shingles in the process. Lead-based paints may be used for these jobs since it’s rare that people may still live in these historical homes, but they can easily be cured and dried for the safety of the occupants.

Antique painting for the interior rooms will mean fixing the cracks first and prepping the plaster so the colours would adhere. Contractors from reputable companies will generally fix these issues first by sanding out the cracks and applying a high-quality primer for the discoloured places. Light carpentry may be applied for a more flawless look and if the owner has a specific preference, they are generally happy to discuss these with them to create a harmonious look for the property.

Offices, Shops & Warehouses

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Buildings that cater to customers daily should make an excellent first impression, and this is where you should hire the best contractors who have the insurance and necessary licenses to operate in your city in Australia. 

Whether they are painting your shop because you’re gunning for a fresher look or want to have certain additions to your retail mini grocery, you’ll get the best results when you have someone who can do most of the sanding, stripping, and restoration work. Minor repairs could be completed within an agreed and reasonable timeframe, and you can continue your operations without delays.

Painters Offer Colour Consultation

Have an idea for a cozy and Instagrammable vibe? Then go to the right consultants who will provide you with the right combinations of muted tones and bold centrepieces that will attract customers to your area. They have a good eye for the best schemes that work on offices to make the employees more productive, and they are also aware of the psychology behind specific hues to evoke emotions and actions.

Having the Right Equipment and Materials

Avoid lead-based paints and VOC products that are not good for your health. Instead, rely on the professionals to get the most cost-effective brand of paints, bright colours, durable finishes, and easy to clean. Below are some of the finishes that they can offer, and you can choose according to your preferences.

High Gloss

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Sheens that are ultra-shiny and those that reflect sunlight can be ideal for your shop doors and window trimmings. They are very tough, and you can place them in areas inside the interiors that have high traffic. However, just like you would expect with a Spandex, these high gloss finishes are more likely to show the rolls and bumps of the walls, so call a professional who will never want to skimp the preparations. Get info about the finishes at this link:


Despite the term, this particular finish is velvety in texture, and it has a “yummy” lustre. It’s ideal for commercial establishments that are planning to start nurseries, and they can be a good idea for foyers. However, it can be complex to do touch-ups on satin paints, and if there are flaws with the painting process, it can reveal where the brush strokes are as well as where the rollers were placed, so it’s best to rely on someone else to apply this for you.


Think about the middle ground between the flat and satin finishes. It does not have any luster that can also be compared to a chicken’s egg, but it’s well-suited for commercial areas where a lot of imperfections may be lurking. It’s good for places that are exclusive for gatherings.

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Popular for many walls in various commercial establishments, the flat finish can soak up the sunlight rather than reflect it. It’s the most pigmented, and only a little application can help you achieve more than enough coverage. However, you’ll find that it’s tough to clean, especially if there’s grime. Get an expert’s help to choose the right effect and finish for your business. Richer and darker colors that can attract attention can boost the sheen, and this can be achieved with the best paint professionals in your area.


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