Campus 2: Apple’s New Spaceship Headquarters in Cupertino

It’s not a UFO, it’s the Apple’s gigantic new headquarters. “Campus 2”, as it is known, will be the Apple’s new home in the near future-2015. The company has recently published new details and spectacular images with their amazing project to be built in Cupertino, California. The impressive building which resembling a UFO planted in a serene forest, can be described as the coolest office building ever seen in the City of Cupertino. Apple Campus 2′ plans which has fascinated everyone, was unveiled by Steve Jobs in his last public appearance.


To create the new spaceship-like headquarters for Apple, the development proposal will replace the existing office and research buildings and will ocupy a campus formerly owned by Hewlett-Packard. According to the plans, the structure itself will have a circumference roughly the size of the U.S. Pentagon, the world’s largest office building. Although the company that produces the best-designed consumer products of our time hasn’t officialy released the design, it seems that the architect of this outstanding structure is the London-based firm Foster +Partners, known for its super-sleek, elegant, exquisitely detailed buildings.


Sleek and impeccably detailed, the absolutely huge glass-and-metal ring will be four stories high, with a hole in the middle a third of a mile wide. In fact, it’s so huge that we are able to perceive its shape only from the air. It will be built on a 175 acre area near the 280 highway. It’s useless to say that the Apple 2 will be an eco-friendly and energy-efficient campus, encouraging a culture of innovation and productivity for Apple’s employee. Rendered images show solar panels covering the roof of the building. Apple says that it will provide most of its own power and will require very little from the grid. Take a closer look at Apple’s new home from these amazing new renderings below.

“Apple Campus 2” will have space for:

  • An office, research and development building comprising approximately 2.8 million square feet
  • Approximately 13,000 employee
  • A 1,000 seat corporate auditorium (perfect for all Apple’s biggest events)
  • A two-story corporate fitness center
  • A 58,000 square foot dining area
  • A central plant
  • Research facilities comprising approximately 300,000 square feet located on the east side of Tantau Avenue; and
  • Associated Parking.







Photos source: The City of Cupertino.


Project details:

Owner: APPLE, INC.
Engineer: ARUP
Landscape architect: THE OLIN STUDIO
Planning consultant: KIER & WRIGH

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