Can You Clean Your Living Room Set?

Yes, you absolutely can clean your living room set. In fact, routine cleaning and maintenance are great ways to extend the life of your furniture. 

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For fabric furniture, even when it isn’t stained, vacuuming out dust will keep your furniture looking its best and lasting longer. Dust and grit are ground down into the fabric and creates friction that wears away at the cloth fibres whenever you use your furniture. Simply vacuuming out the dirt is the best way to prevent this from happening. You can use a small hand vacuum or regular vacuum with a hose attachment. To loosen the dirt first, brush the cushions with a bristle brush or use the brush attachment for your vacuum. 

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Some couch cushions have removable covers that can be washed. Read the labels to determine what kinds of cleaning solutions are safe for your furniture, however, because certain materials can’t be cleaned with specific chemicals, and others require certain solvents to be cleaned effectively. The older your furniture gets, the less likely it is to get fully clean with anything less than actual dry cleaning. However, it’s crucial your sofa is completely dried out after any cleaning. 

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For stains, liquid, and set, there are a few different approaches you can take. Depending on what is safe for the fabric, you can use a cloth dipped in warm water mixed with a little soap. Rather than scrubbing at a stain, you may need to blot to avoid damaging the fabric further. This is especially true of loosely woven fabrics or strong dyes. Another approach is to add some vinegar to this soapy water solution. For new, wet stains, spreading baking soda over them and letting the baking soda absorb the liquid for about an hour before cleaning often works.

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For other materials, like leather and faux leather, you must be even more careful about what cleaning solutions you apply. See these living room furniture sets on 1stopbedrooms. Leather can be cleaned with a little soap and warm water, but it should be treated afterward to avoid the leather drying out and cracking. Furniture leather treatments are generally oil-based and left to sit and soak after being applied. Later, any remaining traces can be wiped away. For fake leathers and other plastic-based materials, it’s crucial to avoid corrosive chemical cleaners. These solvents can eat directly through plastics and leave you with exposed cushions.

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Don’t forget the feet! Your couch or sofa set is more than just cushions. Caring for wooden feet and other non-fabric areas will keep them from cracking or, in the case of metal frames, corroding over time. For wooden furniture, you can use simple wood treatments and polishes to buff out scuff marks and keep the wood glossy. In the case of metal elements, the most important thing is to keep them dry. While rust can be scraped off, it creates lasting damage to the entire piece of furniture. Do your research before you begin cleaning. Check for tags or look online to determine which methods make the most sense for your living room set.


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