Captivating Pastry Shop Design Displaying Appetizing Details

In a world where there is a high competition between brands that offer similar products, we all know that brand and product differentiation have become crucial factors for the success of a business. The multi-disciplinary Savvy Studio dedicated to developing brand experiences that generate emotional links between their clients and their audience, offered a very creative and innovative solution to Cioccolato, a pastry shop in Mexico specialized in custom deserts for special events.

As a rebranding project, Savvy Studio had to repositions the brand Cioccolato without confusing pastry shop´s current customer base and for that they had developed everything from brand strategy, visual identity, stationary, packaging and also interior design. As a pastry and specialty services provider that caters to all occasions, Cioccolato has now a sweet and festive visual identity that uses brightly colored elements and memorable phrases, which go well with any kind of special event.

The interior design can be described as fresh,  clean,  young and energetic. The use of white for the backgrounds and darker colours for the content, with appetizing colorful details makes it really amazing. The excellent creative work on one of the tables corners create splashes of colors bringing a touch of originality to the final result. Although both sell pastry products and are defined by fantastic design concepts, still remains the question: which one do you choose to go between Cioccolato and ”De Farine & D’eau Fraiche”? We cannot decide yet!


Photos: © Savvy Studio.








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