Captivating Wall Art for the Modern Day in 2021

When the lockdown due to COVID-19 happened, initially, our thoughts ran wild about the life we used to have out of our homes.

However, now it has evolved into the ideas of how we would decorate our homes now. Ranging from the bed, you would get to the walls’ colour; everything is already in your head. 

Additionally, in the grand scheme of things, you might have breezed over the category we call “Wall Decor”. While you might have thought of just a decoration on a wall in some way, you might not have thought about what exactly you would do about it. 

While some of you might have thought about a stylish lamp to add a bit of zest, others might have thought about spot-lighting a particular piece of decoration. But if you want to jazz things up, then the best would be to get some kind of art that takes you to your happy place. 

Whether it is an image from a time long past or just an abstract idea that lets your creative juices flow, wall art can be anything to anyone. In the modern-day, the following are some of how you can incorporate wall art and wall decor into your home without bankrupting yourself:

  • Canvas Prints– Whether you are a painter or just appreciate some good reworks, canvas prints are some of the most evergreen wall decors. If you have a pic of your newborn baby to put up, nothing can dial up the volume on that baby room than a full-fledged canvas print.
  • Split Canvas Prints– This one is for the more fashionistas and the modern-day “Millenials” who want nothing but chic and classic decor. For this purpose precisely, the split canvas print wall decor will work. Take a picture, split it into parts, and get them printed on separate canvases. Then, arrange it as one jigsaw puzzle on your wall—modern, playful, and yet classic all the way.
  • Framed Prints– While there are many types of prints out there, sometimes you might just want to frame a picture to remind you of something. Despite the means and presence of various prints styles, you want to blend in with a standard framed print. This will allow you to display your piece and your peace, both in style.
  • Pop Art Canvas– A pop art canvas is one of the riskiest kinds of art out there. It is either a hit or a miss; there is no in-between with pop art canvas prints. However, if you know exactly what you are working on, then the pop art canvas will take the design quotient from an 8 to an 11.5.
  • Quotes on Canvas– “A picture speaks a thousand words.” What if the picture was worded? Like this quote, everyone has a favourite quote out there. And to give yourself a visual reminder of those words in this chaotic life, a print with quotes on a canvas would be perfect. Wake up every time and read those inspiring words, and then down to business.
  • Metal Prints When it comes to standing out, there are many options. However, in terms of wall art, metal prints hold a special place. You can either put it up on a wall or mount it as a tabletop decoration. However, when done tastefully and adequately, the metal print can actually eternalise that memory.
  • Acrylic Prints– Had your fill with metal? How about something more exquisite. An acrylic print is a tricky decor piece to pull off, but it will be museum quality if done right. Pick an acrylic print up, and put it in front of some LED lighting, and you have a personalised home tech candy, which also looks badass!

With the above points in mind, you can find the perfect print model as per their requirement. The LED strip might cost extra, but that is the game-changer with the Acrylic paints. 


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