Cat Room Ideas for the Modern Home

Looking for cat room ideas to enhance your living space, for both you and your cat? We have some helpful ideas to share with you. 

Sharing a home with pets has its challenges, from ensuring that everyone has enough space to finding pet furniture and accessories that are functional yet not an eye sore. Cats in particular may have a lesser need for square footage, but they need other accommodations to ensure their instinctual and physical needs are satisfied. Carefully selected cat furniture and supplies will ensure a happy, healthy cat and a home that still feels like your own. 

How to Design a Cat-Friendly Space

Cats love small spaces, so if you’re living in a smaller home you don’t have to worry. Though a smaller space is fine for cats, there are some design notes to keep in mind:

  1. Cats love privacy, so keeping their food and litter box somewhere out of the way is a good idea.
  2. Cats need to scratch. Scratching is an instinctual behaviour for cats. Making available a scratching post your cat likes to use is the best way to avoid scratched furniture or rugs. 
  3. Cats enjoy conquering vertical space. Adding vertical cat furniture will fulfill your cat’s physical and instinctual need to jump, climb and be up high. 
  4. Cats love a good hideaway. When cats want to retreat, they will often look for a place they can go to hide. 
  5. Cats need physical activity. Toys are necessary, especially in smaller, single cat homes. 

Cat Room Ideas for the Modern Home

Check out these simple and creative room ideas to make your home cat-friendly with style. 

Multi-Purpose Cat Furniture

Modern cat furniture that serves more than one purpose is beyond helpful in modern or smaller homes. From disguised litter boxes to coffee tables with hidden cat beds, there are versatile options to suit your needs. 

Maximize Vertical Space

The size of your home could be a crucial design constraint when furnishing with a cat in mind. However, if you’re simply looking to get the most out of your space, one of the best ways is to add cat shelves. High spaces provide cats with security and a place of their own to claim. When done right, cat shelves and towers can fit perfectly into your home without compromising the look of your space. 

The Figo Cat Shelf Set by Noots, pictured above is a clear winner in modern cat home design. It not only serves its purpose well, but blends easily into your home. Made from gently curved plywood, these cat shelves are so well designed they hardly look like cat furniture! 

Disguised Litter Boxes

Traditional litter boxes are generally unattractive and tend to stick out anywhere you place them. The key to maintaining a modern look throughout your home is to find a litter box that doesn’t look like a litterbox. There are inconspicuous litter box options that hide easily in specially designed cabinets, or feature a unique, modern design to blend into your space. 

As we mentioned, cats like privacy, especially when it comes time to use their litter box. Smaller homes present fewer areas to place a litter box, so these inconspicuous options are the way to go. Concerns about litter box smells can be easily addressed with litter deodorizers. And when it comes to placement of a litter box, best practice is to find an out of the way spot with easy to access for you and your cat. 

Space-Saving Cat Products

Let’s explore space-saving cat supplies and accessories. Take cat toys for example; they come in and variety of materials and sizes. Opt for cat toys with easy storage, which can be tucked or folded away. Foldable cat tunnels are a stellar choice for hiding and playing, and they fold up when not in use.

Bulky cat carriers can easily take up a shelf or precious closet space. Fortunately, carrier options like the Callisto Cat Travel Bag from Noots offer a modern design that hides well in plain sight. When not in use it also folds neatly for easy storage.

The best space-saving cat products should be easy to put away, take up little space, double up as something else, and be well designed.


Living with cats doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style to make your home cat-friendly. There is a variety of modern cat product options to fulfil cat’s instinctual and physical needs while complimenting your home and taking up little space. Your home should not feel like yours AND your cats – a shared space you both enjoy and are happy in. Give these modern cat home ideas a try! 


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