Chandelier Lighting That Won’t Break the Bank

When choosing the perfect chandelier fixture, it can be easy for consumers to spend large amounts of money. Chandeliers are typically designed with crystals and precious metals, which, while beautiful, make them so expensive. Luckily, for the budget conscious consumer, there are many alternatives to these pricey options. Many designers have developed a way to produce a beautiful, inexpensive chandelier without making them seem tacky. Many of these affordable options are equally beautiful in design, and work just as well as those pricier options.


Affordable Alternatives

One of the best ways for consumers to obtain an elegant chandelier, without breaking the bank, is to opt for a miniature chandelier as opposed to a full size chandelier. Options such as the Minka-Lavery Mini Crystal Chandelier provide consumers with a beautiful fixture made with Westport Silver, and adorned with crystal. Though suggested for a bathroom, miniature chandeliers could be a perfect solution for smaller dining rooms or medium size kitchens. These alternatives are typically priced between $100 to $300, depending on the popularity of the designer, and materials used to make the chandelier. This option may not be appropriate for consumers whose space requires a larger, full sized chandelier.

For those who require a full sized chandelier, another approach to finding inexpensive chandeliers is to opt for a more modern look. Instead of purchasing an expensive, crystal-adorned fixture, why not choose a more modern, sleeker design? Chandeliers that feature larger light bulbs and are made with polished antique nickel can give any room a more polished look. Chandeliers, like those in the Hinkley lighting collection, can be the perfect alternative when a full size chandelier is needed. The more modern selections can be priced anywhere from $200 to $800. The price will really depend upon the demand for the designer, and the metal used to create the fixture.

One way for a consumer to save money when purchasing a more modern look, is to purchase a chandelier with fewer lights. Not only with the consumer save money on the chandelier, but he or she will save money on their electricity bill. Consumers can choose from chandeliers that have three to nine light bulbs. Generally, a person’s ability to purchase a chandelier with fewer lights will be based upon the design of the space that will house the fixture. If the chandelier will be housed in a darker space with fewer windows, the consumer may want to opt for fixtures that have more lights. However, if the space is open and contains more windows, purchasing a fixture with fewer lights may be a perfect solution.

When selecting the right chandelier, it is important that consumers choose something that will complement their living space. Not doing so could result in the consumer being unhappy with the space. If a consumer is unhappy with a particular space in their home, they won’t be comfortable in their home. Above all, consumers should be happy and confident in their purchasing decision.

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