Chandeliers Sculptural Steel Lighting by Jessica Kay Bodner

Artist and designer Jessica Kay Bodner creates unique chandeliers, sconces ceiling lights and pendants. Jessica Kay Bodner , is an award winning artist from Ventura, California, whose work often references nature. Her creations are more like sculptures than simple lighting fixtures, representing a series of suspended galaxy forms. Orbs of light appear like stars or distant planets that float on spiraling steel. Stellar light that has no beginning and no end emanates from these celestial forms. Shadows spin abstract lines that project onto the surrounding surfaces, creating a double dimension of drawing. These sculptures emit a sense of cosmic energy, personified by the viewer with a life and unique energy of their own.
Other commissioned works include large woven metal baskets, wrought iron forms reminiscent of archeological subjects, illuminated flora and fauna sculptures forged in steel and large scale paintings and murals. Bodner’s lighting is very atmospheric and can be used to set the mood for a relaxing evening.
The custom chandeliers can be purchased through Bloominglites.

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