Charming Wool Rugs for Contemporary Lifestyle by Piodão

Developed by creative minds for the Piodão Collection, these cool wool rugs are designed for contemporary lifestyle and will be a reference within our spaces. Just one look at this amazing collection and we wanted to share with you some inspiring models that we liked very much. It’s said that a rug completes a room, and this collection is one-of-a-kind with a strong visual character.

Completely made of New Zeland wool, they come to surprise with vivid color combinations, innovative cuts and patterns that creates dazzling effects and unparalleled comfort, which will brighten unexpected places around the house or bringing life to odd corners. Inspired by forms from nature, they are really eye-catching pieces developed for your contemporary lifestyle, some of them having three-dimensional patterns, which imitates an optical illusion already adopted in the construction of larger floors made of stone and marbles, commonly seen in public spaces.

Photos: © Piodão.



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