Check Out These Amazing Tiles Design To Light Up Your Bathroom Decor

Looks like someone is really keen on designing or redesigning their bathroom space. However, not everyone like you.

Some might people consider bathroom interior as the end game of the house. And what usually happens in a hurry? We end up taking dreary decisions.

Soon, the tables will turn. Upon finishing the article, bathroom ideas for tapestry condo will be flooding through your mind like a volcano. Here we shall not only justify the decor of the bathroom walls but will take you in the La La Land of designs.

First, let us tell you why bathroom tiles were not a fashion a few years back from today. One of the reasons was that there were not enough options. People either did not like the design or did not get a color of their choice.

So let’s begin with proving wrong the old school mentality by glazing over the amazing tiles. Make room (or say bathroom) for these tile designs in your Condo.

  • Looking Bold at the Floor Tiles

The bathroom tiles are not the magical wand only for the walls. The thought of adding tiles down to the floor adds a natural yet appealing look. There can be different reasons behind choosing the design and color of the tile.

Let’s say if you have a cozy bathroom, then adding light colors will do the talking. On the contrary, too big bathrooms can be kept quiet with the help of dark tiles. By adding the bold color to the floor, you invite plain or light colors to other parts of the bathroom.

  • Up Above Some Subway Tiles

Wall tiles are generally not a common concept in Condo houses. Howbeit, this does not mean that wall tiles are not a wealthy concept, people are just not aware of its fancy side.

Traveled through the subway stations right? The ceramic tiles in subway design will take you traveling through a refreshing morning.

Add this timeless and classic look to your bathroom. The best part about such tiles is that you will always find varieties in design. The change can be either in the color, design or the style of application

  • Modernized Black and White Tiles

The black and white design might sound cliche and old school. However, every innovation has recreations. You don’t need to stick with black tiles on one side of the wall and white on the other. The modern approach showcases a design that embellished both colors in mixed variants.

Try this tile once in your bathroom, to resonate the design with our house. Also, if you want to add some extra space to the confined bathroom, use large mirror walls opposite to the ceramic tiles.

  • Gloss and Shine of Gray Tiles

If you have always considered black and brown tiles while selecting the dark colors, then its time to change your perception. But first let’s agree on the thought that as glossy tiles are the show stopper of the modern generation, isn’t it?

Now take a look at the gray glossy tiles, contrasted with the beige colored floor. The shower experience becomes acoustic. You can also add hanging lights to the bathroom of the tapestry Tampines for a brighter look and feel.

Unlocking the Geometric Tile Designs

The ideas of decoration have no limit, it can reach a level where a layman can never imagine. On the same account, we talk about the beauty of geometrical shapes as the bathroom tiles.

Whether you are a mathematics lover or not, the hexagon tile will definitely increase your interest in interior decoration. While the most suitable colors for hexagon tiles are white, gray, and beige, you can always use different shades that suits well with the theme of your house.

Get Inspired by the above tile designs and Good luck to all the aspiring Condo decorators. Choose the best tile design to relish the Condo space of the tapestry.


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