Checklist For Keeping Termites Away From Your Home

Termites can be a nightmare for property owners as they can destroy furniture and other wooden structure and drill a hole in your pocket. It is challenging to locate these nasty insects in your home.

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However, once they do the damage, their presence is noticed. Though there are multiple treatments available for removing termites, it is best to take precautionary measures to prevent them from entering your property. 

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There are many things that you can do to prevent termites from getting into your home. Here are some of them: 

1. Check and fix for leakages 

Termites live in damp areas. Hence, the best way to prevent them from coming into your home is to keep your home dry. Check for leaking pipes, taps, air conditioners, etc. Any leakage within the property can make your home wet and vulnerable to termite attack. Keep walls, furniture, wooden doors, etc., dry to prevent termites from living on them. 

2. Inspect wood regularly 

Most homes have many wooden structures. No matter how old or new your wooden furniture is, it is essential to inspect it regularly. If you find any signs of pockets or ripples, there are chances of infestation. However, if you aren’t sure about your furniture condition, you can hire pest control experts to examine your property thoroughly.  

3. Discard any infected termite furniture in your basement 

A lot of times, we dump the furniture we don’t require in our basement. Since we don’t check this furniture often, there are chances of it being infested by termites. Though you aren’t using a particular furniture piece lying in your basement, it is essential to check its condition regularly. If you don’t plan to use it in future, it is best to give it to someone who needs it or discard it depending on its condition. The more wood you have on your property, the higher the chances of termites entering your home.

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4. Choose quality window screens 

If you haven’t thought of keeping your windows screened, it’s time to do so. Screened windows can prevent various types of pests from entering your property. After all, termite issues begin from flying termites entering your property through various openings.  

5. Choose wood for your home wisely 

When buying new furniture, you go to check the quality of its wood. It is best to buy furniture made of chemically treated wood, so pest infestation chances are low. If you are getting furniture custom made, ensure to chemical treat the wood and then use it to turn it into a piece of furniture.  

6. Get termite treatment done regularly 

If you want to ensure that termites don’t enter your property at all, you can consult pest control companies to conduct termite prevention treatment at your home. There are many chemicals and solutions that can be applied to your furniture to prevent them from being attacked by termites. However, you may have to pay a certain amount to get these treatments done. However, their cost will be much less than the damage termites can do to your property.

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7. Get pest control treatments done at the right time  

If termites have already attacked your property and you see some early signs, you got to react instantly. Do not wait for the problem to increase further. Instead, get in touch with a reliable pest control company immediately and seek appropriate treatment to avoid any damage.  

These are some of the basic things you can do to keep termites away from your home. Remember taking measures to prevent them from entering your property is easier than having them removed from your home.  


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