Choose the Best Sump Pumps For Your Home

Do you have a basement in your home and planning to fix a sump pump to keep it dry from the ground water level rising? Having trouble in fixing the right sump pump for your home? Can’t able to choose between a set of sump pumps? Worry no more, as this article provides you with the tips and tricks to choose the best sump pumps for your home. But make sure, you buy it at the right time; because if it’s a rainy season, you may have to struggle with your basement getting flooded. So, gear up and get to choose the best sump pump in the market with certain strategies.

How to choose the best sump pumps:

First of all, there are four different types of best sump pumps:

  1. Sewage sump pumps.
  2. Sumps pumps having battery backup.
  3. Primary pumps.
  4. Combination pumps.

Considering the factors below, you could choose from a variety of sump pumps available in the market that suits your requirements.

  1. Nature and type of the pump:

As mentioned above, there are four different varieties of pumps. Whenever you buy a pump, the primary pump is subjected to be mandatorily present. As this runs on electricity and you may face certain power shortages during the monsoon season, it is good to have a battery backup pump. But sometimes, this also doesn’t work out. So, it is highly regarded to use a water powered sump pump.


  1. Material quality:

This is considered quite important in choosing the sump pump. Since, this sump pump is going to be used in rains and in rough areas, the quality must be excellent. Make no compromises on the quality and rest assured that your sump pump is the best. The make of the product in metal in highly considerable. Make sure your pump is corrosion resistant and is constructed of durable PVC.


  1. Get the horsepower right:

The horsepower of a sump machine may vary from 200 to 400w depending on the size and type. Therefore, make wise decisions with regard to this. A higher horsepower gives you a higher GPM (gallons per minute).


  1. Bigger is not better:

As out traditions behold, bigger things are always considered better. And that’s the reason you choose the biggest one from among a plate of candies or jellies. This is not applicable in the case of sump pumps. The bigger the sump pump, the higher would be the cost. For home usage like draining water out of the basement, you wouldn’t need a big sized sump pump used for other larger purposes. So, choose wisely with regard to the size, based on your requirement.


  1. Fixed diameter of sump pit:

When there are situations where you have to use the tether float switch, it is important that your sump pit must be in a diameter of 14 inches or more. Considering the fact that if it is less, there are huge chances that your tether float switch ‘sticks’. Also maybe, the debris in the pit you make for the sump may cause the switch to hang.

Even though these factors could be considered in for deciding on it, you must know that, not all the sump pumps are designed and created in the same way. It varies with the way in which each manufacturer makes it. Also, the capacity in which the water is delivered outside at a fixed flow rate is affected by certain factors like:

  1. Depth of the sump pit.
  2. Presence of leaks or obstructions.
  3. Model of the pump.
  4. Basic elements of the sump pump like pipe diameter, angles of bends/elbows, length, etc.
  5. Horsepower

Basically, the water that is drained out must go through a certain procedure in the process. It has to go through certain systems like

  1. Vertical lift off the sump.
  2. Length of the horizontal structured pipe.
  3. Degree of elbow in the pipe.

These are technicalities you should look forward to while you making the decision to purchase a sump pump. When these are accurate and suits your needs with the cost satisfying you, no more second thoughts; that one is the sump pump you are looking for.



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