Choosing between professional movers and DIY moving – Which to opt for

One of the least funny experiences that you can think of is moving from one place to another. Packing and preparing for the move will take weeks and later on performing the move will be physically and mentally demanding. Lot of stress is involved in one move. If you’re someone who has done it once in your life, you must have probably said ‘never again’!

Before moving, the biggest decision that you have to make is whether you should move yourself or get in touch with a professional moving company. There are few questions that you should ask yourself before figuring out the method of moving. Read on to know about them.

How many items are you moving?

If you want to hear the obvious, the more are the number of items that you have to move, the more it will make sense to hire experts and pro movers. In case you choose to hire a moving company, they can take everything at the back and transfer things within just 2 trips. But if you think that you would be able to do the entire thing yourself within just 1 trip, it is better to do it yourself. Amidst all this, don’t forget to take into account the liability of driving a huge vehicle which you haven’t ever done before.

Do you have enough friends who can help?

One more DIY approach that you should keep in mind is to lure your friends or the mighty family members to help you. This might become successful if everyone’s work schedules match but this is much easier said than done. In case you get in touch with friends who can help you, you will have to oversee things like keeping them satisfied with drinks and foods so that they keep doing you favors.

Due to the fact that friends are not professionals, you also don’t have enough recourse in case things go wrong. You wouldn’t wish to ruin friendship due to a small thing like moving. On the contrary, if you use United’s moving services , they will be responsible for making sure that your belongings survive throughout the move and none of them face any kind of damage.

What is the distance that you’re going to cover for the move?

If you’re going farther across the town or interstate, then it will make sense to hire professional moving companies. Requesting your friends to help you with moving the item that you’ve packed is actually asking a lot. In case you find out that there are several trips involved, then it is probably okay to spend enough to help you out.

What are the costs that you will incur?

Everyone has got a budget of their own and there are times when hiring a mover will not be a practical choice. Before you categorize yourself in such a group, you can use a moving cost calculator to get a figure for the cost that the hiring professionals charge. If that is still more than what you spend, then opt for DIY after taking into account DIY costs.

Therefore, before deciding whether to opt for self-move or professional move, take into account the above mentioned worthy considerations so that you can take an informed and measured decision.


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