Choosing The Right Paint For Your Living Room

Is your living room paintwork looking tired and worn? Or perhaps you simply want to give the room a makeover? Paintwork does deteriorate over time, and in homes, with small children and pets, the lifespan of even the best paint job will be just a few years.

If you’re thinking of painting your living room, you may be thinking of saving money and doing it yourself. But is that really the best way to go? In the article that follows, we are going to talk about the advantages of DIY and professional paint jobs and give some advice and tips on how to get it right. Let’s begin by looking at why you may want to get the professionals to do your living room paintwork.

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DIY or Professional?

You may think that you are a dab hand with a roller and a tray of paint, and that’s great. Some people are, and they can provide a reasonable result. But what paint does your living room need? What are the best types of paint for the finish you are looking for?

You could pop down to your local hardware store and ask their advice. Or you could talk to local professional painters such as A Perfect Finish Painting, who will give you a quote for the job. They will also know exactly what materials to use and how to produce the very best results.

Put simply: as with any job around the home, the professional is always going to provide a result that is top quality. That’s what they are qualified and experienced in. Your DIY effort – no matter how good you may be – will always lag behind the pros. The advantage of DIY may be a cheaper job, yet you will need to do it all again much sooner than if you engage the services of a quality service provider. 

So, now you have a choice to make, but you also need to think about designing your living room décor. 

How to Design Your Living Room Decor

First, we recommend you check out blogs and sites covering interior design trends, as these will provide more than adequate inspiration for your project. We also suggest that if you have a family member or friend involved in the interior design world, you seek their advice. Sometimes a trained eye can see something that the layperson cannot, and that something may just be a detail that brings the décor to life. Next, we want to look at some mistakes that are commonly made by inexperienced persons designing décor, so let’s not hang about.

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Mistakes to Avoid when Decorating a Living Room

Your living room is a space in which you will spend a great deal of your life. It’s supposed to be a relaxing room and one where you settle down after a hard day’s work to watch TV, a movie, or read your paper or a book. It, therefore, needs consideration when designing it to allow the living room to be practical, comfortable, and look good.

Some mistakes often made that you should avoid include:

  • Painting the room, or even part of it, in wildly bright colors. This may seem like a fun and funky idea when you imagine it, but we guarantee you will soon tire of it. Do this in a games room or a man cave, but not in the living room as it will distract you.
  • Always consider where your TV is going to stand or hang. The best way is to mount a thin, modern TV on a wall, but make sure it is not opposite a window to avoid reflection. 
  • Always think about your drapes and window dressings and how they will look with the new color scheme. 
  • When designing a new living room décor, don’t forget to think about the floor. You have a choice of wood, carpet, tiles, vinyl and more, and you need to match the floor with the paintwork and furnishings.
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Those are a few useful tips that should help you get your living room design right, and now we want to talk about a couple of other factors to consider – furniture and lighting. 

Revamp or Replace Your Furniture

Are you using the furniture you already have, or are you giving the room a full makeover with new and fresh furniture? If you have the budget to do so, the latter will always be the best option for the right impact. 

If you are keeping your furniture, you should already have an idea of the best color to match. Remember, cheap and attractive throws are a great way of changing the color of your furnishings, so consider that option if your budget is limited. 

There are some great choices in modern furniture designs that look sleek and trendy and are not expensive. Check out suppliers who offer furniture inspired by the Mid-century Modern movement for clean lines and timeless style. 

Consider Lighting – Natural and Artificial

Our final section is about lighting in your living room, and this can often be forgotten when putting a design together. Look at the room and where the natural light comes from. That will change over a day, so you will also need artificial light. 

You will more than likely have a central hanging light, but this can be complemented with standing lamps and wall or ceiling mounted LED lights. The latter can provide a great effect and give the room a warm feeling that is entirely appropriate for your living room. 

Let’s finish with a few words that recap what we have written above. 

Getting the Best Result

We strongly recommend that you seek the services of a professional painting service provider for the best result. Contact the company we linked to and a couple of other local suppliers for quotes, and they’ll be happy to give you a price for your living room painting project that we believe you will find to be more than acceptable. 


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