Choosing the Right Window Style for your Home

The windows in our home help define its look and feel. Picking the right style of windows is one of the under appreciated decisions when it comes to home design or renovations. Not only are the right kind of windows the best way to bring in outside light and views into your home, one should also know how important they are when it comes to security and safety. So pick windows the right way using the following tips:


The Windows’ Purpose

Remember, windows do more than just simply let light in. They can also act as sliding glass doors, such as a porch window that opens up to the balcony, or serve more decorative purposes. So take stock of the room the windows are going to be placed in and what kind of result you’re looking for when it comes to light levels and access.

Consider the Interior Appeal

The look of our windows from outside the house is important, but how they appear from inside matters too. The interior style goes a long way to contributing to the experience inside your living space. In certain rooms such as bathrooms, you’ll want windows that draw in light but don’t offer views from the outdoors. While it comes to living room windows, you should consider if the room would work with large picture windows or ones of different shapes and sizes instead.

Matching Styles Matching_Styles2


Your home follows a certain architectural style and your windows should too. Step number one when it comes to picking windows is selecting those that are in line with your home’s architecture. If you live in a contemporary home, consider floor to ceiling windows- diamond shaped ones may be the most aesthetically pleasing for a modern look.

Think Color Think_Color3


Windows, of course, come in one colour – clear glass, but that doesn’t mean the window area can’t have some colour. Window frames and mullions come in a variety of colours these days, adding a pleasant flourish to the window and our homes. Some wood and metal frames come pre-painted, but you can also have a professional painter paint over exiting window frames and mullions.

Ventilation Matters

Windows also have a role in our home’s ventilation – letting in fresh air. Think about how much air you need to let in when choosing windows. You can go with operative windows, which can open or close, or fixed windows. Most people opt for a combination of the two.

Sunlight choices Sunlight_choices4


Windows let in light, so when you get new windows, you’ll want to think about how much light will be available at different times of the day in relation to the position of your home and the sun. Depending on the orientation of your home, there can be adverse results from ill-placed windows. These include the rising sun shining into your bedroom in the morning, or reflecting in your living room television late in the day. What’s more, ensuring the right window orientation can also help lower your utility bills. Deborah Salinas is my name and I am a contented homemaker who works from dawn to dusk for the well being of my family. I love everything which makes my home look elegant and stylish. I am an absolute family person and I try my best in bringing down heaven within the four walls of my home. I live with my husband and two handsome sons in Toronto.


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