CITY DEVELOPMENT HYLLIE MALMÖ-City center development, shopping, office and culture

One single concept for most important structures in one town is one great idea and represent one subject important in arhitecture and design trend, in my search, I found this idea, in one subject for competition subject in program “City center development, shopping, office and culture”,
Implementation of a single structure needs space and coordinating the many entities involved.

CITY DEVELOPMENT HYLLIE MALMÖ for my is one unique ideas and in the future will be represent one posibility to stuctured the cities, in one single and unique structure

Reiulf  Ramstad Arkitekter Reiulf  Ramstad Arkitekter share with us, great informations and photos  about this project,describes project like this:

“Building a single structure which is to contain the entirety and dynamic of city life is a huge challenge that requires special attention to aspects of human fulfilment and dignity in the way these are conditioned by the urban environment. The concept of “the city as a house” seeks to build upon the success of the single-structure shopping mall and develop the principle further by infusing the single structure with all the other aspects of life, i.e. housing, workplaces, leisure etc. This creates a dynamic reminiscent of the medieval walled town where the entirety of life was lived within tight parameters.”

source :reiulframstadarkitekter
location: Hyllie, Malmö in Sweden
program: City center development, shopping, office and culture
client: Steen & Strøm AS
size: 180 000 m2
commision type: Invited competition 2nd Prize (2006)

status: Competition Project
year: 2006

photos source:reiulframstadarkitekter


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