Civic Sports Center Shenyang, China design by EMERGENT

Civic Sports Center Shenyang

EMERGENT Tom Wiscombe
LLC wins First Place
Civic Sports Center and 2013 National Games Arena Shenyang
Type: Sports Civic Center, National Games Taekwondo Arena, Swimming Arena
Size: 123,000 m2
Status: Competition Winner January, 2011 In Planning

The sports is vital for our life, in this concept the place where sports is made is very important, is good to have all conditions, the natural conditions and fresh air must to be  the important point to go when we want to implement one great sport architecture project.
In this sense the Civic Sport Center and 2013  National Games Arena Shenyang is in perfect location, is one connector between the natural and urban life in the city.
Total built area is 123,000 square meters.
The scope of this project is for creating an artificial landscape for sports activities, This landscape features Soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis, badminton, and volleyball courts at various levels.
The features design for Civic Sports Center and 2013 National Games Arena Shenyang is one design and architecture unforgettable and push the imagination beyond the limits.



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