Classic Ways to Light Up Your Living Room Area

One of the most important aspects to consider when creating your perfect living room is the lighting that will be featured. Other aspects like furniture pieces, colors, and decor are also important but without proper lighting, you’ll not get the best results.

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Your living room lights are meant to exude the right mood and ensure that the area is well lit and highlight the best parts of your space. However, when it comes to finding the right lighting situation, this can prove to be daunting.

This is especially because there are different types of lights meant to serve different purposes. Additionally, these lights come in different forms of application to the desired area. With the right knowledge, you’ll be in a position to create the perfect living room area. 

Different Types of Lighting

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When it comes to lighting, you’ll find that there are different types that you can easily incorporate into your space. These lights differ in terms of how they spread the light in a room and the mood they bring to your space. The different types of lighting include:

Ambient Lighting

This type of lighting is designed to give off just the right amount of light in your living room to facilitate basic movements and other activities. Ambient lighting features a diffused light that fills the whole room. This light is suitable for certain activities that don’t need too much visibility. However, it is not the best when it comes to reading a book. This is mainly because it will result in a lot of strain trying to make out what has been written.

Task Lighting

As the word suggests, these lighting option offers a bright light that is used to highlight on a specific task. You can use this in specific areas to carry out tasks that require a significant amount of flexibility like reading. 

Accent Lighting

If you are looking to add some style to your living room, using accent lighting is a good option. This lighting option is mainly featured as a decoration piece and adds a great touch to the area you are working with. They are designed to highlight a certain part while giving off a soft glow in its surrounding 

Ways to Light Up Your Space

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Given that you now know the different types of lights, here are a few ways to incorporate them into your space. Additionally, it is essential to note that you can always mix and match any of these options to find a perfect setup for your space. 

Centralized Lighting Fixtures

Using a centralized light fixture in your living room will help illuminate most of the room while also adding a decorative feature. It is considered to be an ambient lighting option that can work well for your space. This light fixture is meant to be installed in the center of the room at a high ceiling. For this option, you need to consider the amount of space you are working with. If you have a high ceiling, then a pendant or chandelier will work great. However, if you don’t have that much room to work with, consider getting close to the ceiling lighting options. 

Wall Lights

Wall lights are also a great idea especially since they can be turned on when necessary. They are featured as a task lighting option for your living room area. For instance, when using a centralized light, you find that the lighting will not get to the seats seeing as they are away from the center of the room. However, with wall lights, you can use them to illuminate your seating area, especially when reading.

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Led Strip Lights

When it comes to working with a lighting option that will extend all around your room, going with led lights is the best option. These lights are a great choice given that they can also be changed to a different color or dimmed when necessary. They are quite versatile and illuminate your living room quite well. Going with an aluminum channel for led strips will also be a great way to add style to your space and increase your lighting options. 

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are an amazing option given the versatility they provide. They are designed to emit brighter light at a higher wattage than other options. Additionally, these lamps can easily emit light in different directions depending on the shade you choose to use. These lamps are made to be higher and above the eye level once you are seated to ensure that the light is adequately distributed in the room. 

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Ceiling Fan with Built-in Lights

The need for a fan when it gets too hot in your living room is apparent and should be addressed. Ceiling fans with built-in lights are an amazing way to have two problems squared in one solution. This lighting option is designed in a manner that you can easily control the fan separate from the lights themselves. This is a great option given that you can play around with the bulb placements to get the kind of effect you desire.


When it comes to lighting up your living room, you have a lot of great options to choose from to ensure that you get your desired results. Take your time to go through the options and figure out what works for you best. Remember, you can as well combine these lighting options as you see fit to ensure that you are well situated. 


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