Cleaning Services: Benefits

You need to invest time and energy into keeping your home clean. Your home will eventually need a deeper, more thorough cleaning, no matter how diligently you perform the usual daily tasks. Turn it over to COIT instead of pulling out buckets, brushes, mops, and special cleaning products. Whenever you need a deep clean, we do it. Professional cleaning services are useful for a variety of reasons.

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Air Quality Indoors 

The benefits of breathing clean, healthy air are obvious. Your HVAC system constantly circulates dust, dirt, allergens, pet dander, and other harmful contaminants, which are then inhaled. There is a risk of exposure to asbestos fibres, lead dust, and other pathogens in older homes. Fresh, clean, and healthy indoor air comes from a thorough, professional cleaning.

Enjoy yourself and relax

Keeping your home clean can take many hours, but is that truly the best use of your time? Contact COIT, and use the time you save for your creative endeavours, education, family time, or just relaxing.The time you save by hiring can be spent doing whatever you enjoy – from lounging, to reading, to binge-watching your favourite shows in a spotless home without having to lift a finger. 

Photo by Nino Maghradze on Unsplash

Savings for the future

It is important to take care of your furniture, carpets, draperies, and blinds. Unless they are regularly deep cleaned with professional equipment and procedures, they begin to deteriorate. Blinds lose their smooth surface as the fibres of carpet, upholstery, and drapes breakdown. Regularly cleaning these valuable items can help preserve their longevity. We recommend that our residential clients have carpets and blinds professionally cleaned every six months. You can prevent the natural deterioration of fibres and surfaces by calling our team to remove all contaminants and restore them professionally. Superior carpet cleaning results are produced by our truck-mounted equipment. 

Better results with the right tools

Cleaning tools and products you use don’t work as well as those used by the COIT cleaners, no matter how hard you scrub or mop. In our sixty years in the industry, we have developed some of the most advanced cleaning tools and methods. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and our team never skimps on the details. 

We can restore grout, tile, and other surfaces, including granite, stone, and cement, without spending hours scrubbing away stains. We have the best tools and processes in the industry.

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Makes your life easier

Life quality is everything.Our waking hours are mostly spent at work. Is it worth spending your precious free time cleaning? At COIT, we’re committed to arriving on time and completing the work in a professional manner. Surfaces that sparkle, floors that look stunning, and hidden nooks and crannies that are completely dust and dirt free. Let us handle the cleaning process for you – your time is valuable. Over time, you will need all the additional services we offer, including tile and grout restoration, stone cleaning, carpet cleaning, drapery and blind cleaning, and air duct cleaning. Combinations of services are available at great prices, and we work with you to make everything affordable.

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Nooks, crannies, and baseboards

The corners, baseboards, and where the walls meet the floor are impossible to clean no matter how often you mop, scrub, or vacuum. When you come home and find that everything in your house is spotless – even those areas that are hard to reach – it makes you feel good. Getting those baseboards clean and removing deeply ingrained dirt hiding in seams and corners no longer requires getting down on your hands and knees.In order to provide thorough cleaning, we have all the equipment and skills needed.


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