Collection of Furniture “GOLA” TABLE designed by Gianluca Sgalippa

The launch of the collection of furniture under the brand name Enzyma  includes, from the outset, a number of models belonging to various types: cabinets, tables, sideboards, carpets and libraries. However, the “Gola” table, designed by Gianluca Sgalippa, is chosen as the most representative model of that new design world. “Gola” is formed by two asymmetrical wings made of bent wood. The surface of the “opening” starts from a solid color (in this case, it’s purple), but the color fades to white-plaster while bending out on the horizontal plane. The central support and the presence of a single leg create a visual effect of lightness and suspension in the vacuum, despite the large size of the table and the rigor of its geometry.

The sophisticated dégradé color effect is achieved by digital printing on laminate.

“Gola” has an elegant and dynamic image that animates the object even when not in use. It plays a creative way to “dining” and to characterize the domestic landscape.

In line with the general philosophy of Enzyma, “Gola” fully expresses the contemporary size without sacrificing the timeless style and without accommodating the sudden changes of fashion.

The catalog by Enzyma also offer the console version.

The “Gola” table (and the coordinate console) can only be purchased through the website , where you can also see the other products available today in the collection.

Data sheet:

Dimensions: cm 231 x 81 x 73h; thickness cm 3

(length that can be adapted to the needs of the customer only on the longer wing; fixed width and height)

Depth of the console version: 36 cm

Materials: curved multilayer sheet wood; steel leg and components

Surface finish: Laminated Digitalprint on an exclusive dégradé design

Available colors: all Pantone colors (as indicated by the customer) on a white-plaster background

Gianluca Sgalippa

(Milan, 1966) graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan, where he also completed his PhD in Industrial Design.

In his capacity as a freelancer, he is active in various areas of small-scale design: interior design, product design, lighting, staging, visual communication and street furniture. Projects and achievements signed by him are reviewed by numerous magazines.

He is Professor of Design System at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan.

He also plays an intense journalism activity as a writer and design critic.

From 2003 to 2011 he was director of the magazine “BagnoDesign” and in the years 2010-2011, he directed the web magazine mixdesign.

He published the following books: Quando il prodotto diventa luogo (Franco Angeli, 2002), Post-bagno. Corpo, ambiente e design nell’età delle mutazioni tipologiche (Tecniche Nuove, 2006) e Trans-Design. L’identità ibrida e contaminata dei prodotti d’inizio millennio (Tecniche Nuove, 2008).


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