Color and Dynamic Geometry in Fractal Café, Sydney

One of the interior design projects that caught our imagination is Fractal Café, an ingenious work designed by Tony Owen Partners that offers colorful design with dynamic geometry inspired by canyons. Finished last year, the new Fractal Café adresses to students from the the Boston University Student Housing building in Sydney, Australia, being located in the ground floor of the building. With its surprising use of plexi-glass to create unique geometry of the ceilings derived from the fractal canyons, architects intented of conferring the students an intimate place where they can enjoy a cup of coffee. These canyons maximize solar access and natural ventilation. Their bright orange color disperses a warm light that create an inviting atmosphere. The café displays and interesting mix of minimalist furniture design, industrial elements and appealing orange and white color palette, that give the place a fresh look. Very imaginative and modern design.

Photos by Tony Owen Partners.

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